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  1. You should receive Post Of The Year Award, I laughed my chin off by this comment. 🙂 😂 😂
  2. Wouldn’t a comp help a tiny bit on sound suppression and remove some of the muzzle flash?
  3. Same applies to me, even a solo dinner didn’t count as top 10. I did however get the no meds/boost/ no blue zone damage challenge completed, in a game where I used all applicable meds and was staying in the blue using meds and boosters. 🙂
  4. They have good German hotdogs there...
  5. Imagine having final circle at the German Sauerkraut restaurant outside the city.
  6. The castles in the mountains outside Cluj combined with small rivers and wavy farmers field would be great. Imagine fighting in a corn field where you leave trails and sounds when you go.
  7. It’s perfect the way it is now, since I can choose to not play Sanhok and only get the good maps. 🙂
  8. Harold, you’re growing on me and I’ve watched (and subscribed) some of your YouTube stuff as well. Keep up the good work. I liked your comment about sliding: “It’s really difficult, I failed three times because I’m a noob.” 😂 Also, now I can finally climb out the small barn house window as Choco!
  9. @PUBG_Lumos, the patch notes still refers to hotkeys and audio channels. Otherwise it’s great. Thanks. Fixed an issue which caused heavy FPS drops momentarily using hotkeys to mute or change audio channels.
  10. Xbox One X with SSD Wired Internet and controller Region Europe When opening customization in main menu, browsing items is very difficult. Most of the time I click the pad on my controller, the menu moves two items in same direction instead of one. This makes navigating difficult and selecting the correct item may prove though. Also the rendering of the items in customization menu is very slow and particularly slow for the weapons tab. The experience is like we had on live servers application a couple of patches ago.
  11. Thanks, will try and check for differences.
  12. When I play PUBG and enable freesynch and FPS monitor, it states 60 FPS constantly when playing. Don’t think that can be the case.
  13. From Reddit: Use Standard Mode Brightness: around 50ish or lower if you prefer Contrast: 70-80 Trace free: 60 Vivid Pixel: 50 (important) Smart View: Off Put your Xbox to RBG PC and 10Bit output.
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