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  1. This morning, I believe you’re on to something. 😂
  2. LootExp

    Individual Map Selection

    Yes, would like to play only Miramar from time to time.
  3. @PUBG_Andymh5 Added a few pictures from a drive today. The weather can be breathtaking in the fjords. Remains of old old mining equipment makes up good scenery Bridges, tunnels and shape of landscape form great choke points when traveling by road and vehicle Shelters from WWII and the Cold War are everywhere Special architecture is needed to fit industrial compounds to the rugged landscape Waterfalls everywhere, Norway is 100% supplied by power from water since decades ago. Some of the dams and power generator buildings can make up epic final circles
  4. Link to area that could be good map material. https://goo.gl/maps/5DUrZt4e6g12
  5. Dear Bluehole management, In case you from time to time send your teams creating the upcoming new maps on field trips for inspiration, I’m proposing the West Coast of Norway, Europe as the next location. It’s a rugged stone fjord landscape, formed by glaciers, rain, wind and waves from the Atlantic Ocean. Historically war and fighting has been a part of the history from the Viking Kings ruled the fjords and all the way up to WWII. The coast line is covered by small bushes, short grass, rock and sand, while the fjords and mountains are offering woodland, rivers, waterfalls, bridges, tunnels, lakes and wastelands. I’ve added some pictures below and a link for google maps on the suggested location for the field trip. Norwegian cabin located in a rugged coastline Old German bunker from WWII Waves from the Atlantic Ocean fighting with the coastline World Famous pulpit rock, as seen in the last Mission Impossible movie on the final action scene Nature tries to take back space from villages Teeth of Hitler were installed to keep allied forces from invading German occupied Norway during WWII. Docks area area in small coastal town Norwegian fjords, where sky, mountain, forests and sea melt together Driving by car or bike is challenging in certain areas
  6. @PUBG_Hawkinz This week’s dev letter about LOD was detailed and informative and I appreciate that some of the background on game development is being shared with the community. What I couldn’t tell is whether or not the team is working on further LOD developments and if this work is going to increase game performance for one of the next updates. I propose that you also include how the work will be implemented and perhaps provide a timeline for updates if possible. Thanks again for this week’s edition, much appreciated. 👍
  7. @Hoodedwildkard, these names are fantastic. I took 3 out of 4 teasers with names that are similar or identical. I reported them myself, but that’s a month or two ago. StillGonnaTeamAlways! (Not actual gamer tag). I want to change my tag to Teamer Mr. Teamerson and not team, just to troll people that get taken out by me. Lol 😂
  8. LootExp

    Teaming in Solo

    I met 6-8 players teaming in solo this weekend on Sanhok. They were all running around together in their panties in a field, all shooting in my direction. Fun. 🙂
  9. LootExp

    Grenades after death

    Yes, I’ve killed several people with my nade after been killed myself. I’ve also died by shooting a player that had a nade in his hand and he dropped the nade once dead and thereby killing me while I was looting his body.
  10. LootExp

    Today has been a struggle

    Thanks bro. I enjoyed the reading and the watching. 🙂
  11. LootExp

    How do you guys find your squads

    A good place to find squad members is on LowT Gaming. We’re an adult community, 25+ age requirements and a strict be nice policy. We’ve got 800 members from EU and NA and it’s mostly easy to find others looking for squad or duo members. We we also cater for other popular Xbox multiplayer games such as BO4, RDD, Forza etc. You're welcome to join if you like. https://discord.gg/qnG2Ats
  12. LootExp

    Stat Tracker app or website?

    I use this one from AppStore as well.
  13. LootExp

    Recent de-sync patch on pc ..

    Well, it’s not been installed to Xbox yet....
  14. LootExp

    Xbox 1.0 Update #3 - Feedback Topic

    Played a few games solo TPP EU, Xbox OG. Everything was working great, won myself a chicken first day. No crashes, no rubber banding, no network lag detection. Custom games working good, but I had wished for more customization options, spectate options and 3D replay functions.