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  1. trakkerx

    I got my highest kill game but finished #2

    Nice! Mine was 7 for ages then I also hit 10, several times actually but managed 13 recently in squads, so that’s your next target! let me know when you have done it and we can aim for 15 together! Lol
  2. I can see it and I can also feel your pain!!! Its one of the most annoying things in the game that gets you so mad that you could smash the console up! I have also noticed that footsteps seem to disappear if someone runs up a slight banking on Miramar. Twice now I have been killed by someone with no footsteps when in the middle of a shoot out and they run up the banking to one side.
  3. trakkerx

    My first teaming encounter...

    I think the intention was that if you jumped in a car with a random and no mic that at some stage you would get uneasy and shoot the player but what has in fact happened is players have made clan like teams where they have gone as far as changed their gamertag to of the clan like tag and team the whole match in 4 strong. obviously completely out of order gameplay making it unfair on the average player who doesn’t have all day everyday to play and might not be as good as a player who players 1-man squads etc. I mean I play every evening but I’m not good enough to handle a full squad that often, I have done but still after 15-20mins looting and getting the odd kill to be then set upon by 2,3,4 players all teaming and taking you down is totally out of order.
  4. Ok fair enough, why not just post that useful information to start with, instead of RIP all my threads and calling me clueless? Still a modded controller that can do rapid fire and drop shot at the same time is classed as cheating if you ask me, would you agree? Drop shot isn’t a simple task to do on its own never mind with rapid fire etc.
  5. Ok so I have openly said I could be wrong about how “good” the aim effect is on these modded controllers because I have never actually used one. Going off the facts I have to hand is that a local chap had one with a Xbox One X that he was selling, he said it was brilliant for pubg and that I’m welcome to go test it. He even linked me to where he bought it from, a company that has over 6k 100% positive feedback for selling this controllers for in excess of £100 each. Now again I could be wrong but how does a company that advertises “Auto aim with drop shot” and “Auto aim with Rapid fire” and a bunch more modes get 100% 6k+ positive feedback??? Because if it was me and I didn’t get what was advertised I would be leaving negative feedback and demanding my money back. Thats the information I have, it could be wrong and maybe somehow this company has some way of removing feedback or changing/adding all this positive feedback. But all you have done is say I’m clueless if I think any such thing exists, no reason behind it, no proof, no actual discussion just a childish reply!
  6. trakkerx


    I would say as long as your not running around together holding hands and helping each other fight people etc then your ok. If you happen to end up in the same game as a friend who your talking to then why not have a challenge to see who can kill who first.
  7. @#1 Xbox I would love to know why you have found the need to RIP all my posts???
  8. 100% with OP on this one Andy and I’m sure as a player yourself you have come across these low life and understand how important it is we have a simple and easy way to report with the option of “teaming”. I want to be playing this for years to come, which may be wishful thinking but if we get things on track it can happen! PS: I still need to find you on the battlefield, I owe you some 9mm up your ****
  9. trakkerx

    My first teaming encounter...

    So out of the 5x PG crew I’m currently monitoring, the most recent game they have been in and teaming was 10am today UK time. One of the crew have been playing around 11-12ish today but believe it or not he was solo!! Yes SOLO!! Well I think, I have seen these play with none PG crew and still teaming.
  10. trakkerx

    Bravo on new ban policy.

    This crew that we all keep coming across over and over again play TPP so your good.
  11. trakkerx

    My first teaming encounter...

    The forum is more strict than the game 😂, thanks for the reply @PUBG_Andymh5 obviously I was just trying to lighten the mood a little.
  12. trakkerx

    My first teaming encounter...

    Yep I got the 5 points (whatever they do?) and threat of permanent forum ban too. Can I buy skins with my points @PUBG_Andymh5? 🤣
  13. trakkerx

    My first teaming encounter...

    Well I’ve ran into them twice that I’ve known about, first time I killed them both and last night I killed one. But looking at last nights games I was in another one with them but didn’t notice them in the kill feed.
  14. trakkerx

    My first teaming encounter...

    Get the report in, I shall be doing the same later this evening. I will keep monitoring to see if they actually get a ban or not because I’m sure we’re all still concerned if they will actually get banned or not.