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  1. I giggled at the email whilst I was busy playing APEX, I did play some good games of pubg before hand though. I’m giving up on the missions they are getting silly now! I honestly thought they would get better but no they are getting silly. Taking damage in the blue zone etc isn’t the aim of the game!!
  2. trakkerx

    Apex Vs PUBG??!!!

    So I’ve been after the kar98 skin for god knows how long and I’m sure many others have! All my mates have been without any luck, anyways look what I got last night in a Apex Box for FREE!!!
  3. trakkerx

    Apex Vs PUBG??!!!

    I love it when someone has to add in at the end of the comment something like “is too easy though” makes me realise how rubbish at gaming I must be with no wins yet 🙈. Had a good few 2nds but randoms are hard to deal with on this game, they either jump solo or leave you to fight on your own! I played a game two nights ago where my two team mates got set on, both got downed and I managed to kill the last two of the team and save my team, then 2 minutes later the tables turned. I’m downed and my two team mates just do one!
  4. trakkerx

    10 grenade challenge tips.

    I played a game on Miramar last night, OS sever 😡 and found 4 frags in one building!! I chucked all 4 straight away then got killed throwing the last one. That’s the closest I have come 😩
  5. In that case then your in the same boat as me! Sick of no EU servers and sick of no Sanhok. The region lock was meant to fix issues but all it has done is made it worse. This should have been fixed or reversed by now.
  6. Little tip if you didn’t know, although this doesn’t always work! When in the lobby you will see next to the game type on the left it might say OC in red or NA in red along with how many seconds it is expected to find a game. This will normally say OC in red but if you wait and don’t ready up straight away you will see the OC disappear. You can then ready up, it does help a lot. So as an example, it might say “56’s OC” then if you wait a few seconds it will change to “8’s” with no OC. Click ready up once you see the lower number with no OC or NA.
  7. trakkerx

    Apex Vs PUBG??!!!

    Pubg by a mile! However I’m not enjoying pubg more than Apex at the moment. I played Apex most of last night then when I finally booted pubg up, I got two games on the trot that chucked me on OC servers! I think I had one more game then switch it off and went bed. I’ll be playing Apex again tonight mostly and try pubg again but I’m all honesty I just want Sanhok and no OC servers. I’ve actually not fell through the map in a long time so that’s not been bothering me nor has the rending.
  8. trakkerx

    10 grenade challenge tips.

    I did but he could have meant they messed up with the title and it should have read smoke granades, anyways it was cleared up already thanks.
  9. trakkerx

    Is there enough coupons to?

    Sorry I think miss understood me, I was asking the person who had bought an item twice accidentally and had plenty to spare what level he was on because just playing the game normally without purchasing extra levels you shouldn’t have enough coupons.
  10. trakkerx

    Is there enough coupons to?

    Level 81? Is that with any level up purchases? If not I’m miles behind then 😢, getting 24 hours to revive 4 team mates is going to be a bugger tonight in solos lol.
  11. trakkerx

    10 grenade challenge tips.

    Wow never even give smokes a thought 😂 So can you use smokes for the mission?
  12. trakkerx

    Pubg Xbox player bots

    I’ve not come across any, I had most my games with only 50-60 players last night, which I’m not too bothered about. I would rather the game start ASAP so I can play!
  13. trakkerx

    Is there enough coupons to?

    Did you pay to level up?
  14. trakkerx

    Is there enough coupons to?

    What level are you at then because I’m level 32 and I’ve maybe enough for two to three items (not spent any yet).