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  1. Ermmmmmm I’ve let my 10 year old son play 😊
  2. Truth be known, it’s not my list haha. I’m passing the blame on to Prinzar
  3. I’m on the list twice I’m that important!
  4. I watched a full game of some dude using the QBU on Sanhok, he just kept going prone and wiping players out. I tried it and died instantly just as I got down on the ground. 🤣
  5. Speed is nothing! The bottom line is Virgin Media are probably the worst ISP for gaming! How they had a cheek to even get involved with EGX I don’t know! Im with them on 200mb bundle and it’s terrible!!!
  6. Fingers crossed they haven’t listened to all us who moaned about it getting extended last season, we now NEED its extending by 6 months!!!
  7. I’ve 400 games played and K/D is 1.7, massive difference!
  8. My stats are terrible to yours and I’m on 4,456 SP in Solos
  9. So sorry to hear that mate! Keep strong! Take care.
  10. SANHOK!!! I actually really like them all, however Sanhok and Miramar are my top 2
  11. It’s a valid tactic for sure, the only way you can deal with them is to spot the bleeders! https://gamerdvr.com/gamer/tr4kerz/video/77101276
  12. You think that’s bad???? Check this out!!! Make sure to watch it till the end.... https://gamerdvr.com/gamer/tr4kerz/video/77173619
  13. Sorry you must have read it wrong, I’m in EU but I’m being placed on NA when doing random duos, in NA I’m getting 100+ ping which I’m thinking is normal. In my region EU I get around 30 ping.
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