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  1. Who has a 2k gaming monitor lol mine was like 300 bucks lol
  2. I hate shotguns for that very reason. I’ve 1 shot people at a distance I was like what lol. Or I’ve hit people 3-5 times and they ran away like it was nothing. Also been victim to a 1 shot with level 3 vest on upstairs in pochinki. Guy was out side and fired thru the window upstairs and killed me
  3. Last night was pretty bad. Less than 100m away from people aimed at chest level and could see dirt flying up directly behind people like it was going thru them. Hit it a guy 3-5 times running across a street, he hides behind a tree so I toss 3 nades, 1 left, 1 right and 1 slightly behind the tree and nothing. He proceeds to rush me, so I peek from my rock unload 30rds into what I thought was his body only for him to 2 shot me. Games like last last night is what caused me to take a 2 week break from pubg cause it was so ridiculous. I pumped an uzi mag into a guy standing in a corner loading a shotgun for him to load 1 shell and fire killing me. He messaged me apologizing saying he should have been dead and he didn’t know what happened 🤷🏻‍♂️
  4. Yea mine stayed as an uzi with zero rds the whole game
  5. Once again daily missions are screwed up, mines been stuck at 5 of 10 energy drinks now for 3 hrs
  6. I find it funny when someone is in front of me shooting and their bullets hit my pan behind me.
  7. Man I’m not getting double wins and between the last 2 days I’ve had close to 20
  8. I’ve never had issues finding a match on the pts till now and that was at all different times of the day.
  9. No that isn’t the plan, as the issue is only on the test server. Whatever they have done has made the 1x rendering horrible and buildings look like play dough again
  10. https://xboxdvr.com/gamer/haole-boii808/video/58813484 yea I found it the other day and tried same buildings in different areas and they all do it
  11. Update: also happened on 2 other buildings exactly like this one on Miramar in different spots
  12. Bug Description: Basically there’s a spot on a rooftop that is open but you cant walk thru it, character will stop like it’s hitting something. Location: Happened in chumacera, see pic below if it loads. This .03mb upload size is horrible Evidence: https://xboxdvr.com/gamer/haole-boii808/video/0bd4b302-d8ff-4c32-b467-ffa5616dd9d8/6479fe0b-2da0-4809-b89e-89199fea98630 Replication: Just walk the roof Xbox One Version: Xbox one X Connection: Wired Game Mode: TPP/Solo
  13. Bruh glad I’m not the only one. I can’t even load videos cause it says max size total is .03mb
  14. My sound is cutting in and out constantly, even my duo partner was complaining about the sound. Hit reg is at an all time worst on the test server
  15. Played 17 games, 15 straight where shitmar and then last erangel and none had weather. What’s the point of pushing it to the test server if you can’t even play with weather for feedback. Youd think every very game would have weather as a testing platform but no they can’t even get that right
  16. Yea the 15 seconds it takes now is annoying.
  17. I played 17 games yesterday and can tell you the loot was horrible on all 17 games. Let alone hit detection was probably the worst I’ve seen in awhile. Weather, what weather. None of the 17 games we played had weather. Not to mention the 15 times in a row we got shitmar
  18. Wouldn’t know, not one of the 15 games ina row on Miramar had weather, then the 2 games on erangel where normal. Whats the point of test server with dynamic weather if you play 20 games and never see it.
  19. @PUBG_RoboDanjal I applaud y’all for removing the 3d character about 2 months late as I haven’t inventoried crash since like patch 12. But now just about 60% of the time if I get in a cqc situation the game crashes and I go back to the dashboard. It’s absolutely horrible, can’t even fight final circle cause Ive crashed once already in a 2v2 Xbox 1x
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