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  1. https://xboxdvr.com/gamer/ballztastiik/video/64902373
  2. HaoleBoi808

    Next PTS

    Pts for what? New map isn’t dropping with ps4 release. And they don’t really use feedback from pts anyways.
  3. HaoleBoi808

    wtf is up with amount of loot?

    Most of those people who brag about wins, only have a shit ton of squad wins and that’s easy to do. It’s not impressive, squad win braggers are like.... well I won’t say as I’ll get a warning or another forum ban.
  4. HaoleBoi808

    anyone also have a PS4?

    Had 1 and sold it, was just collecting dust
  5. It’s always the m24, just a laggy laggy gun https://xboxdvr.com/gamer/ballztastiik/video/64674707
  6. HaoleBoi808

    Twitch/Mixer Streaming List

    Haha im the same way. I feel like if im talking and making noise, then it’s slightly affecting my hearing on what’s going on around me
  7. HaoleBoi808

    I knew this would happen!

    Lol I still haven’t made it out of the 1st hour that’s basically the training guide. It was just going so slow and I wanted to shoot people and get shot behind cover so pubg it is
  8. HaoleBoi808

    wtf is up with amount of loot?

    The game in general is designed for passive players
  9. HaoleBoi808

    wtf is up with amount of loot?

    That’s not true either. I’ve landed at a compound that had 6 good size buildings and only thing I came out of there with was a revolver. Had to play bush wookie and stealth a kill for better loot cause after 2-3 min on sanhok most people are equipped
  10. HaoleBoi808


    I rarely move around when I loot. Actually I sit pretty still.
  11. HaoleBoi808

    Twitch/Mixer Streaming List

    Twitch moved it apparently, now it covers the compass lol. I’ve streamed on mixer a few times but then when I go back to watch the streams to pull clips it says I have no videos
  12. Had a good one the other day. The guy he’s in there’s no way he should have hit me that far behind a group of rocks https://xboxdvr.com/gamer/ballztastiik/video/64674707
  13. HaoleBoi808

    Survival Rewards POLL

    Lvl 51 and only got 2 duplicates
  14. Being from South America and playing on the NA servers
  15. HaoleBoi808

    Wtf is going on...

    I didn’t clip it with only 7 people left we where to busy trying to revive me, heal, fight that duo and move to the next circle .