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  1. My Xbox is packaged up at the back of a storage locker. I miss it 😥
  2. Thanks, you may have missed the joke though 😂
  3. I’m still all boxed up for moving and will be temporarily relocating before moving house so I don’t expect to be on for another few weeks 😫
  4. Sorry I missed it, in the process of packing to move house. Might not be around for a few weeks.
  5. It’s not a league, it’s just a bunch of guys and gals from the forum doing their best to kill each other and having fun doing so.
  6. I doubt I will be on at 9pm but hopefully get into some of the later games.
  7. Its been like this for ages, I can’t remember I got an EU FPP game, somebody said that it’s been removed now anyway... I can always get a FPP NA game when I play but at the moment it’s only Erengal which gets a bit repetitive.
  8. Aww haha poor @WainZ0r you guys are low 😂
  9. Is that really you? I WANT THE TRUTH!
  10. Cheers @WainZ0r I really need to get a headset with a mic
  11. Did none of my bullets hit at the end there? 😫
  12. I’m coming on, let me know when next game is coming up
  13. Hopefully will be able to make it, loving the double FPP!
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