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  1. I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s had a stealth removal if numbers are too low. EU also has no games ever so that’s likely gone too.
  2. I’ve seen times when you can get on featured or standard and not be able to get a match on quick join (FPP) which makes me think quick join has its own queue and doesn’t just combine the existing featured and standard queues. Which doesn’t seem to make any sense to me at all... unless it’s just a bit wonky and it has a bug somewhere.
  3. They have said a bunch of times that they are working on the rendering issues and working to optimise the game further. I don’t think they have much more to say about that as it will be done when it’s done (soon)... you can’t really put a fixed timescale on fixing bugs and they are obviously proving tough to remedy. Beyond that the game will continue to follow the update path of PC as it has since the beginning so if you want to know what’s coming I suggest you look at that, for example there’s a few weapon changes and an Erangal refresh.
  4. Its easy, just shrink the physical size of the map and everything in it by 50%, because it will all be relative you won’t notice any difference in the size but everything is instantly a lot smaller! (This is a joke before anybody tells me how stupid it is)
  5. Quick join is supposed to be the fastest way to get a game, however I constantly see the suggested waiting time is longer than if I select one of the other options... does it have its own queue rather than just randomly going into the fastest of the other two queues?
  6. I have the purple ones, long on right short on left. A bit weird at first but much more control when you get used to them. I only have the standard controller.
  7. I was ready to hate this post, but that was pretty funny.
  8. Its always nice to have something to aim for...
  9. Things like fences do look worse when switching to performance mode so I run it in normal mode and don’t get any performance issues. If there was a 1080 option I would use that if the frame rate was increased too.
  10. If he was he didn’t do a good jump, at least not for PUBG...
  11. I read the whole lot and actually it was pretty civilised, people asking legitimate questions and he gave pretty reasonable answers, nothing toxic at all. I wrote a question and by the time I’d hit submit the thread was gone. I think it was removed because it could have been considered as publicising it’s use.
  12. But if they invested more in console then it stands to reason that they would make more of a return. That profit margin looks a lot lower than I’d expect... somebody is taking one hell of a wage 🤔
  13. Do you mean 100+ kills per death or do you mean 1 kill for every death?
  14. Considering how long it took them to add AA off (still couldn’t manage that for hip) and a higher sensitivity range I don’t see more refined controls coming anytime soon if ever.
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