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  1. Meade3

    CANNOT hear foot steps

    I'll get some tonight. I can hear my teammates footsteps but never the enemy.
  2. I took a break from this game and just started playing after the new patch. I cannot hear the footsteps anymore in any map now.
  3. Meade3

    Mouse and keyboard on xbox??

    It's funny that this topic is still going strong. Nothi g is gonna get done about it. Like i have stated below some how mouse and keyboard users are more important than no recoil and rapid fire.
  4. Meade3

    Mouse and keyboard on xbox??

    I cant believe this topic is still going. No one is talking about the modded controllers or mods you can use for rapid fire or no recoil. But mouse and keyboard is worse? Ok....
  5. Meade3

    Mouse and keyboard on xbox??

    This is the only game where people complain about mouse and keyboard this badly. It's like you guys make it seem like they are invincible. And no I'm not saying get good. I find that this game take alot practice and i think that's what turns people off from it or they think they are cheating somehow.