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  1. Thts where my squad likes to go but i wnt go there bc every time now its just nothing good there!!!! The best gun iv found there was the tommy gun! Soi stick with los leones but thats bc i kno good stuff will be there somewhere buy itz bs man i cant believe they havechanged the loot theres other stuff that really needs their attention and really needs fixin like shooting thru walls!
  2. Everyone acted as if i was being dramatic i went thru quite a few buildings too n found nothing whats up with finding ammo and no guns wit it ive found like two or 3 times just shot gun shells no n shot gun or theyll only have one bx of ammo! Man i knew i was telling the truth so i belive u 5 buildings later n found nothing one dude said its a survival game it shud be hard to find loot n thats bullshit bc u can have a gun n everyroom but the better aimer will be the victor it dnt matter hw many guns it matters who can shoot faster n more accurate!!!! PUBG DEVELOPERS FIX THE LOOT!!!!!
  3. Right esp level 3 helmets the ONLY time i can find them is In the air drops!!!
  4. Quite a few places ive been in buildings and havent found but one thing in alot in not being dramatic just stating the truth thanks for the comments i have been wondering if it was only me-
  5. I'm the same i look every where and then bam there's someone i usually make a point to go away from others just to loot a bit b4 combat n still theres ppl where i KNOW I WAS ALONE
  6. Bc where they're used to be something in each room even if just shotgun choke at least there was loot n each room now im lucky if one thingis in the whole building
  7. Im sorry i have to disagree if u search 5 buildings u shud at least find one lvl 2 helmet and vest. But i picked up a gun and took a whole 3 mins for the game to realize and show that i had indeed picked it up! Not to mention then wait to see it on me to load it fourtunatly i was alone or ida been dead n i also got a few kills even tho i kno for fact that my bullet was close but no way it hit them- and if that happened to me then I'm sure they shotnear me n cud get the kill easily and if the game is not accurate then no one deserves the actual win.happy i got a few easy kills but then also when i was behind a stone wall i was shot n killed. WHICH is impossible i love this game as i said but still needs those finishing touches!!!!!! I hope this all willbe taken into account when they try to get all the feedback in.
  8. I mean like really every time yal go n update ir try to fix sometbin u end up making it worse! Do yal even read these!!! Loading buildings not rendering glichy very dark if there is loot to fine u cant see but still its like yaL cut the loot in halfs! And still can keep going wit a priblem list tht every one else did already mention this game is a great game but there are so many things that need the finish touch on!!!!!!!!
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