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  1. Oh wait.... thats from tonight. maybe I can play one on one with that one guy in erangel que
  2. I don’t know what what people are talking about, Ive never had a problem with loot in erangel. I think most people play scared and never leave a buliding or drop in remote places or rush to center map, yeah they are going to have a problem getting loot, that’s not how erangel is supposed to be played. Now every one complains and changes the whole game style. I have never had a problem being fully kitted out with any gun I want, not playing the above mentioned way. Now pubg has to cater to scared players. Nothing wrong with playing scared or hiding out or not killing any one till you have to ...maybe end game, but there should be a penalty, which is you won’t get a lot of loot that way. go out and kill people, which is a good tactic to practice killing, because it will make you win more, and you’ll have all the loot you want. people always use the excuse, well it’s not about killing, it’s about getting #1. Well if you can kill well youll get more number ones.
  3. Roger 420

    Huge problem

    So not only could we not play the new map vikendi in solos, amazing map my favorite, lots of work went into it. But about a month ago imposible to play in solo, any time, any region. Now they say they worked on match making, well take a look at this picture.
  4. Roger 420

    PUBG vs APEX

    Dysnc and cheating is in every game ever, what are you talking about. Dysnc has to do with internet and not the game.
  5. Roger 420

    PUBG vs APEX

    You can jump through windows in pubg with no animation at all, even fire your gun immediately .
  6. Roger 420

    crazy bug check picture

    I’ve never seen this before ever any time. Also unable to play vikendi ANY time of day no mater what. this was NA at 4:00am. but how does that apply to vikendi no being playable in solo NA , any time of day no matter what day.
  7. Roger 420

    crazy bug check picture

    i dont believe there is only 12 people in my region queue. 12 people wanting to play???
  8. look at the image!!!
  9. Roger 420

    How do I claim my survivor parachute

    That part I get, that when the season ends is when I get the lone survivor reward, but I thought the season ended tonight.
  10. How do I claim my survivor parachute?
  11. Duos it’s also impossible to get into vikendi
  12. No one played Miramar before, and there’s were plenty or Miramar missions before hand and no one played it .
  13. Ok so there’s something completely wrong with matchmaking deff bug. All of a sudden you can play Miramar is solo when you couldn’t for month! Now you can’t play erangel or vikendi. So we had a problem with vikendi not being able to play it now still can’t play but added erangel to that. How can miramar now be able to play all of a sudden when you couldn’t for month. Why can’t we still not play vikendi? now it’s moved into duos, you can’t play vikendi in duos . Cant something be done about this, I find t hard to believe its players not wanting to play it because it happened over night. I also find it hard to believe that after months and months of not being able to play solo Miramar you can now play it it very easily.