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  1. +1...work and family really get in the way😁👍
  2. I'll have to try war mode again. It was a bit laggy the last time I had a go. TBH, I had forgotten about it !
  3. The loot will be sorted very soon hopefully, don't give up👍 Remember early game you don't need a fully kitted AR, you can easily kill with a tommy or vector, get stuck in to hot drops, or chute away from the plane as mentioned before.
  4. Clearly states a ban for exploiting glitches.
  5. I hate Sanhok.....vakendi works great with an ssd ....but yep, I stay well clear of the cave👍
  6. I'm glad sanhok is on it's own.......now I don't have to play it.....👍 I am lucky enough yo have an ssd so vakendi is fine ( not great but I will play it )
  7. I wonder what map would win if all maps had loot like sanhok?
  8. I think this is the vector swap to 9mm and adding the mp5 patch? I guess there will be the odd bug fix too!! No chance on map selection I bet though.....
  9. Great...thanks. thought I might have to do something👍
  10. I have 16% BP boost sat in my items in the store gained from the survivor pass. How do I use it? Cheers.
  11. Not again......for the love of God...not again! OP....do a search buddy...this subject has done the rounds😁👍
  12. Change your forward movement sensitivity settings👍
  13. Nice....I was gonna pay to get it....(been busy the last couple of weeks with work and family!!)....on level 80.....never going to get the beard either!!😐
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