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  1. How about adding a little bit of excitement and having 2 planes on Miramar map. This would split the playing group further over the map and remove the massive unused portions. Thoughts??
  2. no you dont understand...im not saying i want to play with 260 ping but it was better back then when i could actually talk to my team mates. i know what desync is and how it works.
  3. im not saying a 260 ping is good or ok. im saying i would rather this than not being able to understand anyone...ever.
  4. I would happily suffer the high latency if only i could communicate with my fkn team mates. There is no worse handicap than a team who all speak Chinese.
  5. 5 out of 6 games i have tried to join have had these fkn spam bots. The only one that didnt was because i was not teamed with anyone. Im done for today without even playing a game. OCE here btw. GET US OFF THESE FKN CHINESE SERVERS.
  6. HKhaos

    OCE Region

    It's Saturday afternoon and still all my team mates are chinese.
  7. HKhaos

    OCE Region

    i just look at the names and kinda figure it out. if im lucky 1 of them speaks some badly broken english
  8. HKhaos

    OCE Region

    chinese teammates chinese servers....all day every day....i get killed behind walls because of desync and in 1v1's i get 3 hits on them watch the replay and not 1 hit was registered......no wins in a long time......??
  9. HKhaos

    OCE Region

    thanks for the obvious no solution answer
  10. every time i enter the event mode screen and exit to the main looby it reverts my map selection to ALL my game mode to TPP and my group selection to SOLO
  11. HKhaos

    Beryl M7 has too big a hitbox

    When i go to pick up 7.6mm ammo near a Beryl it always picks up the gun not the ammo. I have to use tab to be able to pick up the ammo. Its like the hit box for the Beryl is too big
  12. Green color locator for player doesnt show up well on Sanhok and is anyone else having all the items half buried in the ground making it hard to find some items?
  13. Trying to buy crates and get the message "'item delivery being delayed. please wait a few seconds'" this is fine but items never show up...
  14. HKhaos

    Goog management of blue zone

    Agree on the movement of the blue in Sanhok. My only 2 wins have come from deep in the blue on this map. I think the size of the map will dictate the need for the zone to move faster in the larger maps otherwise the games will go forever. Maybe get yourself positioned better early game or make sure you have transport to avoid getting caught out.