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  1. EscapingKid

    Install size

    It's 19.1GB on PC, so it will be around the same size on PS4. Hope this answers your question!
  2. EscapingKid

    Pan hit trough walls

    Hey, WackyJacky101 made a video about this.
  3. EscapingKid

    PTS Sensitivity Issue

    This category is for PC PUBG. Xbox is here: https://forums.playbattlegrounds.com/forum/243-test-server-bug-reports/
  4. EscapingKid

    PUBG crashes after matchmaking

    I believe you have to update your game. If that doesn't help or you already updated it, try verifying your game files via Steam.
  5. EscapingKid

    Meet Your PGI 2018 FPP Tournament Winners

    They're not ignoring those issues though?.. PLAYERUNKNOWN said this on Twitter:
  6. All things said in the interview are still very relevant. The source for the roadmap is here.
  7. From an interview with PLAYERUNKNOWN.
  8. That's what they're doing right now. They're refactoring the game's code. There will be a roadmap next week.
  9. Post this issue in the Xbox PUBG Bug Reports.
  10. Hey, so I changed my Red Dot for a 6x Scope on my AKM, then changed it back to my Red Dot. The Red Dot's reticle reset itself, which resulted in me dying. Video of this happening
  11. EscapingKid

    A dead player is standing in a T-position

    No. I was just playing War Mode and saw this. This happened as soon as the player died.
  12. Hey, so I encountered this weird bug when playing War Mode in a Custom Match.