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  1. Unfortunate is: not being able to toss empty magazines to drive the enemy out of cover when you run out of all throwables. I used to avoid gun fights at the beginning of my pubg career, now it's the opposite but the fact is that playing 1-2 hours per day (at best) I have the constant feeling that most of the players is far more skilled than me. No problem with that, if I can still enjoy moments like the one I told before. I'm 99% sure I don't
  2. If I care about stats I would have quitted months ago 😅 Thanks for the tip man, sadly I know it is a bad habit but sometimes saved my ass. In this case I had no choice since there wasn't cover for several meters. The bush guy had me as soon as I got up on my feet, thanks to his higher position.
  3. Hi everyone. I know that many of you out there will have a nice fatty laugh about this topic, especially if you look my stats, but I want to share my last personal milestone in PUBG. In my last game I managed to double my personal kills record in a single match, which is now a huge 6 Yes, I'm not the best player on the net, let's just say that I have my moments….like the following: It was a nice sparkling morning in Shanhok. I dropped cold next to Mongnai, the nearest enemy chute was pretty far from me and I was praying for decent loot. Blessed with QBZ, full kitted UMP, lev. 2 gear and some meds in a couple of minutes. I started looking for a veichle as the blue was approaching and safe zone was on the opposite coastline of the island. Arrived undamaged in Pai Nan, I heard some gunfights among the building but I decided to keep stealthy and outflank the village, crossing the river in its narrowest point. Luckily, no other player have still spotted me so I decide to ascend the ridge of the west hill, following the zone. Suddenly, all changes. An engagement started few meters from my position. As the guns became silent again, I approached the winner, looting his well earned corpse. One quick qbz burst is enough to take him down. Just the time to loot some ammo and I'm witness of another gunfight, a hundred meters south down the hill, in open field. Like before, another player peacefully looting prone in the grass, me again taking advantage of his self-confidence. 3x on, headshot kill. If only I had 1 € for every time it happens to me....let's move on.. No time to loot this one because of the blue wall, so back to original plan. Let's go up the hill. I saw a guy running among the trees, I miss a couple of easy shots, he does not and now my health is critical. I toss a grenade barely cooked and get the kill. Adrenaline is pumping as I've just reached my record with 3 kills 🤪. No time for celebrations, there are 17 players left on the battleground and I'm running out of meds so I need to loot houses, or bodies preferably. Soon said. Cbq face-off near a building, a ton of potato aim and another kill. 9 left. Never been higher in the leaderboard with "so many kills". It's not over. The zone is now 150-200 mt radius. Every single step I make could be the last so I walk crouched from rock to rock. I saw a guy 30 mt far, 5-6 round burst before he could realize how to counter and the 5th kill is served. As I approach the body, I see another player healing behind a boulder, luckily one shot is enough to gain my 6th kill. And it could have been 7 if the blue zone did not steal it from me, few instants later. We're down to 5 and my confidence for a possible win is higher than ever, but I have no grenades and a shattered vest. So again in stealth mode, low crawl and tight a****le. The zone is shrinking on a peak and I know that someone is already on the top, nailing people with AWM and Groza. If only I had a nade!!! Finally I spot the bush wookie on the top, but I choose hastily to get up on my feet in the wrong moment and I get melted by the guy and his 7,62 rounds. 4th place but 2nd in the final kill rank, according to my standars I'm fully satisfied. Thanks for reading, and apologies for all my grammar mistakes, please be nice with me!
  4. Ciao! Ebbene si lo sono! Mi pare di capire che su questo forum a livello rarità siamo a metà strada tra la mosca bianca e il dodo 😅
  5. Premetto che gioco su XB1, ma credo che non cambi nulla in termini di configurazione. Non è che magari hai selezionato come preset comandi il tipo A e non B? In sintesi, con il tipo B hai il tipo di mira "tradizionale" che troviamo nella maggior parte degli shooter (entri in mira tenendo premuto il grilletto sinistro, nel tuo caso L2, e non appena lo rilasci la visuale esce dalla mira). Il tipo A invece richiede la singola pressione del tasto sia per entrare che per uscire dalla mira, ed è l'impostazione di default quando avvii PUBG per la prima volta. All'inizio pensavo che fosse il gioco ad avere un problema ma in realtà ero io ad essere totalmente disinformato sulla cosa, quindi posso capire la tua frustrazione, spero di averti aiutato un minimo.
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