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  1. TheNatureBoy797

    Frags - too OP?

    Not just me then. I had a 0 kill win last week. Brains over brawn ftw.
  2. TheNatureBoy797

    Most fustrating game ever

    So you want people to announce themselves and fight you without using cover? It sounds you have run in to smarter players than you. You should learn from it. The game is about tactical smarts as much as physical skill. Whatever gets the win justifies the means.
  3. TheNatureBoy797

    Xbox Update #4 - Feedback Topic

    Huge bugs on Vikendi. I just got teleported across the map. Flying vehicles are back.
  4. TheNatureBoy797


    We just spend 60 seconds flying through the air on Vikendi in a UAZ. Not good. Character froze when we got out. Overall the game has a slick, polished feel apart from the bug we encountered. Map selection is awful. Why put Sanhok with the bigger maps? Vikendi on its own for the short term I presume. Poor show on this front.
  5. Less than you but I bet I have a bigger dick. And that is more important 👍
  6. TheNatureBoy797

    How to move on a solo game to have more than 20 kills?

    Haha, dude, you and your squad wasted mine on Erengel today. On the island, near the new houses they recently added. You went on to finish 2nd I believe. I looked up your squad. All 6-7 kdr players. No fair.
  7. TheNatureBoy797

    Xbox and PSN should be on different servers

    Xbox vs PS squads is what I want to see. Have team to team with your own breed. No cross breeding.
  8. TheNatureBoy797


    Just play something else guys, why upset yourselves. I love it, really impressed 👍
  9. TheNatureBoy797

    Mouse and keyboard on xbox??

    Funny thread. I would advise camping. Shoot said MnK user in the back of the head. Problem solved ??
  10. TheNatureBoy797

    Mouse and keyboard on xbox??

    They are better than you so they must be cheating? ?