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  1. I haven't owned a console since the SNES 20 years ago. Bought an Xbox after playing PUBG at a friends. Only game I own.
  2. I don't care personally. Whether I get beaten by a better player or MnK I am not bothered. It is just a game. Maybe people shouldn't take it so seriously. Feel sorry for the losers who waste money on MnK.
  3. Seems a lot of the same names in my EU games. Scouser Davee killed me like 3 times now. Thumblessgaga also a constant pain. Game is getting cult it seems.
  4. You killed me yesterday 😂 Thought I recognised the name.
  5. I like Primark and Lip. Barns and Cafe can get you sorted in a hurry.
  6. Sick of getting Sanhok. Comic book garbage.
  7. I have won a game with 0 kills, anti climax. Also won with 1 kill, that felt like a real win. As long as I kill the last man, I am happy. Don't see the point in playing just for kills. With 10 kills you have still lost if you don't come first.
  8. I think it is natural selection. The weaker players get fed up with losing and move on, leaving stronger hardcore players who have played hundreds of hours. I would class myself as a weak player, but an exception as I have adapted. I have a busy life so play maybe 3 or 4 solos a week and nothing else. I have to accept I will lose most fair gun fights and play accordingly. I treat the game like it is a real life scenario. This ends up with a 43% top 10 rating but only 3% win rating. I still enjoy the game and can compete. Just have to fight dirty.
  9. Snowflake generation. Easy to be angry behind a screen. Same sort of people who are abusive to weak looking people in traffic. Someone who looks remotely intimidating they will stfu. But they are safe here.
  10. Not just me then. I had a 0 kill win last week. Brains over brawn ftw.
  11. So you want people to announce themselves and fight you without using cover? It sounds you have run in to smarter players than you. You should learn from it. The game is about tactical smarts as much as physical skill. Whatever gets the win justifies the means.
  12. Just play something else guys, why upset yourselves. I love it, really impressed 👍
  13. Funny thread. I would advise camping. Shoot said MnK user in the back of the head. Problem solved ??
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