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  1. Hurtmusician958

    Mouse and keyboard on xbox??

    Idk don't have, probably won't ever buy one unless I start getting paid to play?standard works out great though I'll agree with that one
  2. Hurtmusician958

    Mouse and keyboard on xbox??

    Try using a elite controller.... I hear they make it so much better.
  3. Hurtmusician958

    Anyone think that there is less loot?

    Felt this way with both maps. Favorite spots that usually come through for me, were pretty depressing.
  4. Hurtmusician958

    Don’t push this rendering live!

    They were supposed too of done something with one of these last two fixes, that was specific to the rendering issues the x was having. ...guess it didn't take.
  5. Hurtmusician958

    My scar took a while to appear in my inventory

    Man I hate it when this happens, doesn't always do it but when it does it's very frustrating. Happens on other guns as well.
  6. Hurtmusician958

    PUBG AKM vs real world accuracy

    Akm is a real life rifle and has been around for a very long time, used in many ways. If someone killed you with a akm at 500 meters they are either very lucky or a god.
  7. Hurtmusician958

    PTS bullet damage is BUGGED!

    Video footage?
  8. Hurtmusician958

    Type A after aiming

    I think maybe I had this happen to me. Right stick was pretty much dead. I chalked up to as having the same problem as the type b.
  9. Hurtmusician958

    Various PTS Issues w/ Video

    The one about the motorcycle ha been happening forever now. Always know when it's close by?
  10. Hurtmusician958

    Mouse and keyboard on xbox??

    Sad. I got a good laugh out of it.
  11. Hurtmusician958

    Mouse and keyboard on xbox??

    I don't know then man... Don't even know how xim works for xbox to be honest. But on the bright side we can always hope for.....
  12. Hurtmusician958

    Mouse and keyboard on xbox??

    Hopefully that would cause software issues. Like not registering.
  13. Hurtmusician958

    Mouse and keyboard on xbox??

    I think I'm in the wrong thread....???? My bad.
  14. Hurtmusician958

    Mouse and keyboard on xbox??

    Why be so defensive over something that has already been made clearly unwanted by the Corp and apparently will effect only a small handful of players....unless you're one to be effected???