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  1. x1337LEE1337x

    So now teaming in squad is a thing?

    Killing yourself also counts as a teamkill.
  2. x1337LEE1337x

    Size of latest update?

    Ps4 hides most of the download behind the "copying" stage on every game update. It's not copying anything its still downloading at that point.
  3. I've not had any of these problems, although a few Americans I was playing with were complaining about the buildings not rendering since the update. It's running no different for me on my OG ps4.
  4. You would be better off buying a ps4 to play pubg on. The game runs just as good on my OG ps4 as it does on my one x. It even renders faster on the ps4.
  5. x1337LEE1337x

    PS4 community were used

    Pubg on xbox was rushed into 1.0 even though it was nowhere near full release so they could then release it on ps4 and milk the dying playerbase. Pubg on ps4 has far fewer features than xbox, and having just bought pubg for pc, comparing the 3 pc has much more content and options than xbox, which has more content than ps4. They're only interested in working on new overpriced content to milk us more. The season pass also costs more on ps4 than xbox.
  6. x1337LEE1337x

    Dont act crazy, I'm just asking...

    They fucked the sounds up a few months ago on xbox, it came over to PS4. It used to be almost perfect, now for me sounds infront and behind are hard to pinpoint without turning slightly. Gun sounds are also fucked up, a ump firing in the distance sounds almost beside you. I'm not sure why they have never addressed this issue it's been around for months.
  7. They can't make people play the game.
  8. x1337LEE1337x

    Here is a Game Discussion & Feedback

    If nobody ever played with randoms, what do you think that would do to the playerbase in this game? There's plenty of people who play random squads, I've always thought it takes more effort to win a match with a bunch of randoms who aren't communicating against all the sweaty squads who are too afraid to play without their normal squad. Playing with randoms is often a good way to make friends with others. The problem is the amount of teamkilling that happens when you play randoms especially if you're with a party of 3 others. Xbox players seem to think they have a right to teamkill any random who doesn't join their party. (ps4 players don't seem to suffer from this disease) Personally I like to wait to see if my teammates survive longer than 5 minutes before joining any party invite. Teamkilling should be removed, there's nothing realistic about pubg so the "it adds realism" argument is bs. Nobody wants to waste 10 mins looting just to be killed for their loot by a teammate.
  9. x1337LEE1337x

    PUBG for free on PS Plus?

    Nobody ever said it went free on xbox. And gamepass has a deal on almost every month where the price drops to roughly £1 for a month.... £2 for 1 month and get a month free was the latest I bought. And even at that low price the Xbox is even deader than ps4. Being in the top 20.... There's barely 20 games worth playing atm, the game has been dropping down the most played game list for months. Just like the playerbase. And the OG ps4 is a much better console than the OG xbox, I'm not sure what you're point was there, but the game still runs like shit no matter whether it's a OG ps4 or an xbox one x. And I can speak from experience since I play on both.
  10. x1337LEE1337x

    Crossplay PS4-Xbox / Map selection

    I hope this never happens. One thing I like about the ps4 version is there's no OG xbox users sat inside rocks or walls shooting you. Besides, the ps4 playerbase isn't that high, I see the same names game after game, day after day. Maybe if they fixed the game players would come back.
  11. x1337LEE1337x

    Defibrillators and locked doors..?

    I think the game you're looking for is called Battlefield.
  12. x1337LEE1337x

    PUBG for free on PS Plus?

    Do you ever pay attention to the kill feed? It's almost the same people match after match.
  13. x1337LEE1337x

    PUBG for free on PS Plus?

    And you missed the point. This game is so garbage and runs like shit any person who downloads it for free, realises how shit it is to be killed behind cover by a lagger will quickly delete it. I have no problem deleting free games if I think they suck, now a game I've paid my money for, I tend to give it more of a go since I'm actually losing out if I delete it. This game is dead, it was dying on xbox before it even came to PS4. Pubg Corp are just grasping for as much money as they can from it now. Going free goes against that.
  14. x1337LEE1337x

    PUBG for free on PS Plus?

    I find matches quicker on ps4 than xbox and they're always full matches, last time I played on xbox I thought it was dead compared to PS4. The game runs like shit and the matchmaking is shit. If this went free most would uninstall after playing a couple of games. Nobody is going to buy this game after having a trial.
  15. x1337LEE1337x

    Devs really need to fix DESYNC

    Do we want you in the EU server with a 300 ping? The desync people see in this game is mostly caused by all the out of region players. Mostly middle easterners.