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  1. x1337LEE1337x

    Network lag detected

    Very rarely but I have experienced this. When it's happened for me, the whole squad had the same network lag and the game froze so I always assumed everyone in the match got it at the same time.
  2. x1337LEE1337x

    Throwing smoke grenade warning

    Yep it does for me too, most people won't hear it with headphones on though.
  3. x1337LEE1337x

    Stuck on building

    This isn't a bug, this is pubg. You decided to camp where the stairs were and became part of the building
  4. x1337LEE1337x

    PUBG unplayable in the weekends??

    Xbox matchmaking is broken. 9pm on a Saturday night I played for around 90 minutes, I didn't get put on the eu server once, it was always NA. I'm in the UK. I went on the ps4 and played pubg on there after giving up with the Xbox version. Every match was on the eu server. I can only assume they have fucked up the matchmaking on xbox as finding games before region renewal was never a problem.
  5. Matchmaking on ps4 is much better than xbox. I played about 90 mins from 9pm UK time on my Xbox and didn't get put on the eu server once, not a single game. I went on ps4 and played for hours, each and every game was on the eu server. Xbox matchmaking is broken.
  6. Crossplay with who? At least on xbox on the eu servers I have a chance at finding other UK players, on ps4 almost every game where I've searched for either 3 randoms or just 1 they have almost always been from the Middle East. And the playerbase on ps4 isn't much better than xbox, if I look through recent matches and the players who were in them the same names keep popping up. Only those who like the game keep playing, new players don't stick around long because of the state of the game and the lack of skill based matchmaking, its not much fun playing games against people who have played from the start when you can respawn, in this with 1 life then back to find another game to again be matched with pubg veterans would be no fun at all. Almost every update since mirimar pts 3 has felt like a step backwards for me, but this vikendi update has been the worst by far. Even free to play wouldn't help this game in its current and foreseeable future state. Every update breaks more than it fixes and they're too slow at releasing hotfixes.
  7. x1337LEE1337x

    How can I avoid this?

    Yes, always make sure your main gun is in the top slot in inventory.
  8. x1337LEE1337x

    Just bought a 500G SSD for an OG results

    The game renders fine on my one x without an ssd. If the game was actually developed properly nobody would need to buy any extra hardware just to run 1 game.
  9. x1337LEE1337x

    Sell this game to Tencent

    Tencent already owns a percentage of bluehole.
  10. The maps render fine for me. On the one x. But I know others I've played with on the S and original both have rendering problems especially when driving.on all maps. This game has gone to shit with this last update. Rendering on all maps is fucked up.
  11. If ping based matchmaking exists maybe you would like to explain why the eu servers are full of middle Eastern players? If its based on ping then why do I constantly see laggers I have a nice clip of me being killed by a lagger because the server was trying to predict where he was going, and when it finally found out where he was... I'm dead instantly. If it was ping based I should never come across Arabic players for example, as I should be with players more local to me. Just the other day I was playing on xbox squads with a friend, our other 2 teammates were both Brazilian. South American players had all but gone from eu and NA servers when they got their own server. Now everyone is put anywhere. Region renewal worked as planned for the oc/as server but its ruined na and eu with players from everywhere because nobody has the choice to select their local region anymore. Either the game severely lacks players so it matches everyone together, or the matchmaking/ Region renewal is broken.
  12. If you're in Australia then the oc/as server is your region its that simple. Of course you think it's smoother on NA, I've been on there myself with Australians on my squad and you do lag around, maybe your 722 online friends don't care enough to tell you you're glitching around. What the game needs is ping based matchmaking, not all you oc players out of region yet again.
  13. On the eu server we have to deal with lack of communication since there's so many different countries who don't speak the same language. It isn't a reason for me to want to play half way across the world just to talk to another English speaker. I think he's found that now he's on his local region he isn't killing people behind cover anymore. And he's also getting killed more often because the server knows where he actually is now. We also have to deal with middle East players.. Which I could ask why they aren't on the Asia server, Saudi Arabia is considered western Asia so shouldn't be even playing on the eu server
  14. Why would anybody on the na server or even eu want players from the oc on it. Stay where you belong. Once upon a time the oc and as servers were separate on xbox, until pubg decided it could save money by merging the 2 together under the guise of not enough players.
  15. Check pubg lookup, find the match and review it.