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  1. Lewis did u put some new thermal paste on the cpu when you replaced the cooler with water cooling? It's very important that you replace it whenever you remove the cooler and you have to thoroughly clean off the old stuff and apply new paste properly. And make sure the cooler is seated properly. Try resetting the cmos (look in the motherboard manual how to do it). And make sure all the connectors are connected properly and that the ram and graphics card is seated properly. You also may need to update the bios.
  2. Mouse scripts aren't stored on the mouse so usually only work when the mouse software is running on a pc. Not on a console. But there's plenty of ways to have no recoil using a controller, strike pack, cronusmax, titanone to name a few.
  3. The biggest insult to the person in the picture is rendering him in 8 bit
  4. Well theres suddenly been an influx of new players in the last few weeks who are playing with their feet or they added bots to fill the matches. It's more obvious when playing squads.
  5. Around built up areas, trees generally most areas of the Map. I only play squads which probably makes it worse having the rest of my teammates in close proximity. But compared to erengal it's a mess in squads.
  6. When are you people going to realise that MnK use isn't restricted to pubg. Xim has been around for years, used on almost every game on consoles if the AAA developers can't stop it how do you expect a company like bluehole to find the solution? They can't even get their own game to play smooth. They also gave MnK users increased turn speed a while ago when xbox forum users wanted the turn speed increased, it went up from 10 to 20. That speed wasn't going to be used by any player with a controller. Maybe if the mods stopped lying to us with responses like.. 'We're keeping track of their usage' and actually said the truth, that they have no idea who or how many are using xim you would all stop whining about it. You only have to look on the xim forum to know why they're undetectable, something to do with identifying codes for peripherals connected to the console, I don't remember the exact terminology but xim has no identifyer, it needs a controller connected and takes the code from the controller, the console just sees the controller connected because of this. Yes, fortnite managed to inadvertently kick emulated MnK users a while ago, based on the left stick/ wasd movement, but it wasn't intended to catch xim users, xim quickly bypassed it and epic reverted it. PlayStation also has an officially licensed mouse and keyboard which can be used on any game, even those that don't have official support. Pubg is full of MnK users, just like every game on consoles, with only one life it can make it more frustrating than games like cod but you're expecting far too much if you think the devs can stop their usage. You either accept that people will cheat at every opportunity they get, stop playing console shooters or join the cheaters. Judging by the dwindling playerbase, most controller users have long given up playing pubg.
  7. Isn't that the reason why vehicles take more damage?. And I wasn't talking about the driver healing whilst driving, I meant passengers.
  8. Rendering is fine, it's the massive fps drops in certain areas.
  9. I was being sarcastic. Idgaf which map i get, sanhok is shit but vikendi is unplayable so I mostly leave vikendi unless I'm forced to when I just load in and there's 1 second left on the timer. Map selection would split the dying playerbase too much.
  10. I've been wondering why it's not the same as pc, on console a slight turn left or right will cancel a bandage/boost item, over on pc the only thing I've found that cancels it is a crash or landing from a jump. Also the damage you take from a crash or vehicle flip is extreme on console. I've been in vehicles that have flipped 3 times on pc and barely lost 1hp, console it would kill you.
  11. There isn't enough players to have a map selection. Maybe they should add some more bots to populate the servers then give us map selection. Has nobody noticed all the "new" players that are wearing default clothes, who crouch run through open fields, barely react when shot at and do stupid things that a human wouldn't do?
  12. Don't worry about it.. Nothing happens. I reported 8 people (2 squads) teaming. They're still free to play over a week later, and I provided solid proof.
  13. Sorry to burst your bubble, but they already do get moved onto the NA server. I was playing yesterday as a random in squads, my local region is the eu. Pubg xbox decides to put me on the NA server with 3 other randoms one of which was either from Australia or New Zealand.
  14. Because you're not allowed to name and shame here. And I wouldn't waste your time creating a ticket to report them. 3 of us got teamed up on by 8 players on Saturday. I created a ticket, recorded the whole match from pubg replay showing all 8 (2 squads) land together and run the whole match together. The proof was irrefutable. Yet 6 days later they still haven't been punished. ( I have one of their names added to a stat tracker which shows he's still playing regularly) So much for this ban policy and a 14 day ban for the 1st teaming offence.
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