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  1. Doktor_Eisen

    Event Pass Rewards

    thats the thing with skill based skins - not everyone should have it
  2. Doktor_Eisen

    Broken Game!! Help

    I dont have these issues playing around 2-3h a day sorry
  3. fail0r knocks someone - gets rezzed - knocks him again - gets rezzed again - fail0r gets killed goes to forum 1. dUo/SqUaD pLAyErE iNsTaNt DeAtH wItHoUt ReViViNg?!! of course No - the rezz mechanic adds a lot to the game thats why solo is so boring
  4. Doktor_Eisen

    Footstep sounds broken?

    yes - i had some sound problems too in the last few weeks no footsteps shot sounds completely missing (my mate knocks someone with the kar - didnt even hear him shoot) grenade pin removal sound missing
  5. Doktor_Eisen

    Event Pass Rewards

    "We want missions that are creative, challenging and need some skill - not just boring "use 50 bandages" crap" -> here you go, kill 2 enemies with hs more than 200 yards away "meeehhh .. thats were the fun stops with me" 🤣🤣 love it
  6. Doktor_Eisen

    FPP empty of players?

    Apex gets old very fast Not enough updates Just one small map Most of the rounds feel kind of the same battlepass is a bad joke Most of the people who started playing apex at the beginning have stopped by now
  7. Doktor_Eisen

    Actual Night Mode

    lol - the majority voted yes. 🤣 Are you really that naive? custom settings like brightness and contrast will be hardcore abused night vision sights will be absolutely OP and you can insta leave shouldnt you find one absolutely boring gameplay until the zone forces everyone into a 10 meter circle - assuming that the guy with the night vision sight hasnt killed everyone before that but yeah, lets vote yes ^^ Just play splinter cell or something - you can sit there in a dark corner all day long
  8. Doktor_Eisen

    why no ping lock?

    youre a weird guy ... prefers playing with weird chinese hackers rather than wait a minute or two way to go buddy 👍
  9. Doktor_Eisen

    why no ping lock?

    would you rather wait a bit longer or keep playing with the asian tricksters? easy choice for me. and I always thought there are no stupid questions? wtf ... my life is a lie?
  10. Doktor_Eisen

    Broken Game!! Help

    I dont have one of the problems that you just described ... mhhh 🤨 So maaaybe its you? Besides that - updates are the things that keep a game fresh and the player base interested while removing all bugs is a work in progress .. so what you suggest would kill the game. Way to go buddy
  11. Doktor_Eisen

    why no ping lock?

    We will always have troubles with cheaters in the next few years until a real break through in anti cheat - thats a fact and we cannot change that. But its also a fact that the majority of the cheaters are from the asian region (cheat-culture yada yada) Region Lock does not much because cheaters will just use VPN and everyone knows it. So my question: Why dont you just implement a ping lock? That would be such an easy thing to implement and would have a huge impact. Just explain me, why you dont do that please.