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  1. they could make soooo much more money just by adding more and cooler skins. Nobody wants all these generic championship jackets or streamer outfits ... No idea why they are so shy with their skins.
  2. we will see about that. you have to land both sniper and deagle shot to do the combo .. and even survive the weapon swap at close range .. that doesnt really sound reliable The R45 and the R1895 have both 55 dmg .. and are never used. Is the deagle handling so much different that it will change anything?
  3. bruh .. you dont need to take a 1 meter sniper shot when you have your trusted AR with you Just a free tip I guess .. meta ruined ^^
  4. how close do you shoot at ppl with your sniper that you want to switch to a pistol ^^ mEtA rUiNeD!1!1!111!
  5. you play for stats with that Fu*** up ranking system which is based on grind? Youre funny ^^
  6. hard peaks in TPP - gets owned - rages ... I luled go play FPP
  7. thats not what I meant super competitive players can play custom tournaments should they be overchallenged by the normal mode
  8. nobody will leave this game because canisters can explode ... ^^ lulz, dont be such a wussie it adds more interaction to the game and if someone is willing to put time and effort into a trap that might or might not work - he can do it. Most of the time you dont just run into a building anyway when you know there a ppl inside. So this inhouse traps will not be very useful. Bridge camping could become more popular though. But to be honest - most of the stuff that will be possible with the canisters is already possible with normal guns. (bridge camping - house camping)
  9. they have a huge team working non stop against cheaters - just because there is nothing mentioned in the patch logs doesnt mean theyve given up - lulz
  10. if the guy is so close that he can easily and quickly land the shots on the canister he could have just killed you with his gun anyways. Just smoke that car and drive away ... Besides that - how many people do camp cars in the middle of nowhere right now? This situation will be extreeeemely rare.
  11. What are you smoking? ^^ They wrecked this map hard .. +5000% sniper spawn rate on a map with wide open fields with barely no ridges. 👍 outstanding move @ BRDM-2 : two times the jeeps health isnt that much ... and it has a huge surface area to tickle it. And flair gun is extremely rare. Found 1 in a weeks gameplay. It will barely have any effect during most of the matches. Most of the ppl have no idea how to use cars in the endgame. This wont change with the BRDM2 ^^
  12. this creates new interesting situations and will be too rare to be annoying just run up and put the can in your inventory before the other guy can detonate it ^^ - easy
  13. Are you an E Sport player making a living with pubg? There will still be custom settings for tournaments ... Adding things like gas cans make the game more interesting. Look at fortnite - constant changes, constantly new stuff. Sometimes they go over the top - who cares. It keeps the game fresh. It will be hard to pull off a canister kill anyways .. you have to hide it and you have to hit it with an enemy near by (instead of just killing the enemy with your weapon which would be easier I guess ^^)
  14. spoken like a true fan 🤣🤣 maybe you should just leave this forum and look for your purpose in life somewhere else ...
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