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  1. Hey guys I notice the settings are fine then mess up during the game. For me it's just when I have a weapon out, not in ads or hip, just in general it slows the turn right down if this happens to you, when the movement starts playing up I have found that if you go into settings scroll to the bottom then come out of settings it sorts it out. You don't have to change anything just scroll to the bottom. Its a constant problem though. Happend to me 4,5 times a game so can't play it right now not until they fix it.
  2. What the back have you done? Setting are stuffed. You can't turn with weapon out what ever the sensitivity and I'm not on about ads or hip, just normal walking or running with weapon out turning is so slow come on guys

  3. On xbox This game is seriously twisting my Mellon. How did it ever pass Microsoft's standards. Lags out every 20 minutes. Players are out of sync they shoot then your dead and then they just appear. Crashes but we are supposed to restart the game, funny that as you have to restart the game when you crash anyway. And the crashing happens every 15 to thirty minutes. Loot is non assistants then when in the lobby after a game with a group you have to go to the start sign in three or 4 times before you can start a new match. The list is endless I want the game to succeed but it's getting worse with every update  I give up seriously

  4. I think hotel catalonia would be good those names to vote for has no spark
  5. So was the pts on the new map ended at the weekend as on the monday and Tuesday it stated it would be back Wednesday at the times stated then late Tuesday servers were down. I assumed that it was for fixes so we could get on Wednesday and continue testing to see if fixes were good yet no confirmation as to whats going on since the server went down. Pubg whats happening.  as if you just wanted to test the servers okay but think if you bring the map especially the lobby with its problems its going to be a joke not to test the changes you have made. And I hope you did make changes especially to the lobby. 

  6. Both me and my buddy had the same problem. got hit by a buggy and didn't get pushed away. Was bouncing of the bonnet 4 or 5 times as if stuck in a glitch then eventually died. My mate managed some how to bounce and spin to face and shoot as hit and bounced 3 times before shooting then the driver turned and it set him free. Quarter health so he didn't have a chance as the guy got out and got into a fire fight. Poo poo pubg. What have you done. He also gets booted 3 times per game. His Internet is better than mine and I go on the American server as he's from America but still he gets booted more than I. And its bloody annoying. Especially when in the top 10 grrrrrr
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