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  1. MedicatedBobcat

    Waiting for better performance

    I'm sorry I don't sit here and read everything that's posted
  2. Is there anyone else done with this game for the time being and waiting for better performance? Or are you guys just dealing with the problems? I feel like if everyone on console stopped playing for a period of time that would send a message to the devs that this games state is unacceptable and embarrassing.
  3. Is it just me or is the new map slower paced and more boring than Miramar? It's a medium to long range map but all you can find is smgs. Makes it where people don't like getting out of the houses to fight.
  4. MedicatedBobcat

    Vikendi promotes camping

    There is no such thing as camping in a battle royale game. It's all about the last kill.
  5. MedicatedBobcat

    One Shot One Kill [Oct 18-21] Feedback topic

    Make it No secondary. no one is even using the kar98
  6. MedicatedBobcat


    If you don't see what's wrong with it then you obviously don't play the game enough to notice the difference
  7. MedicatedBobcat

    Loving test server!!

    Are you playing the same game as the rest of us?
  8. MedicatedBobcat


    The people who are saying they aren't having issues with the pts are just blindly defending pubg. It's obvious it's even more broke than before.
  9. MedicatedBobcat

    Why is corner peaking allowed and encouraged?

    Play fpp if you don't like corner peaking.
  10. MedicatedBobcat

    Lack of games with dynamic weather

    It could be just my luck but I've been playing the test server since the update for weather and have yet to play a game with it. Every game is sunny.