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  1. Pondjects Killa

    To the 5% that this applies to ...

    Any person you let live now is a potential weapon pointed in your direction later on in the game....
  2. Pondjects Killa

    Leading targets

    Depends what your shooting with, maybe the vss and ump you would have to lead because of the low velocity, general rule of thumb for the ARs is 1 character model lead per 100m distance
  3. Pondjects Killa

    What kind of Troll are you

    Im a "my headphones are better than yours" troll, hear someone and set up my spot to catch them in the open as they loot away with no idea im watching them the whole time
  4. Pondjects Killa

    Team Killers

    Make a second profile on your same xbox, join the party with both profiles active.... I know from experience lol
  5. Pondjects Killa


    Could be wrong but I think 556 is a 4 shot kill with no armor, wait till you encounter a lvl 3 vest, takes 10 shots to kill with 556.... Shoulda shot a guy more than 3 times in my opinion..or aim for the head
  6. Pondjects Killa

    Anyone else suck with AKM

    Always use a comp if available, if not a flash hider is always better than a suppresor..... Never use more than a 2x on it, the recoil is very predictable on it, it wants to go up and right, hold a little down and left on it and try not to spray more than 6 rounds at a time, if you potato don't panic and recenter..... You'll be melting in no time
  7. Pondjects Killa

    425m Kill. New Record!

    Have an 805 or so, was in the military on erengal .... Posted up on the hill across the road from the big barracks and one shotted a dude with the k98 (4x) when we was climbing a gaurd tower over by the far by the far bunkers... Was months ago, I'll see if I can find the clip
  8. Pondjects Killa

    Wanna have some fun?

    Headshots, put the dot on their head and ice them.... Just requires a cool head under pressure
  9. Pondjects Killa

    1080P / XBOX ONE X NOW!

    The X supports 120hz at 1080p......the game itself doesn't but the console does
  10. Pondjects Killa

    Playstation crossplay!

    And I can run around in my squad yelling XBOX NUMBA ONE
  11. Pondjects Killa

    Need info on Custom Setup

    Thats the best part about being the host is kicking the randoms with bad kds off you're squad lol
  12. Pondjects Killa

    Iron Rain Tourney - FPP Duo - $30 Prize

    One game? Or multiple rounds?
  13. Pondjects Killa

    Community Weekly Post - November Week 2

    So that means the preformance mode will be 30fps locked?
  14. Pondjects Killa

    Survival challenge not counting properly

    A knock is not a kill lol
  15. Pondjects Killa

    Xbox 1.0 Update #3 - Feedback Topic

    I agree about the whining but this is far from the custom games that were on pc a year ago..... Like everyone is saying, these are private games not custom by a Longshot.... Super disappointed in that... The more I play blackout the more I like it, some 50v50 customs or crazy ideas would have breathed new life in to PUBG.... Excited for the ranking system, that's about it