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  1. Nah, watch the video frame by frame and follow the targets head movement. He moves his head coincidentally at the same time as the rifle begins to fire.
  2. Sometimes when first picking up a weapon, the rendering of the gun clip in you inventory screen will be way off to the right. The following picture shows what I mean.
  3. So this is probably a very easy bug to fix, but it only affects people who move their Windows Taskbar to a different position. As you can see in the following pics, I move my taskbar to the Top of the screen, like in MacOS. It's just a simple preference. However, because I do this, then the mouse cursor is off while in Battlegrounds. I have to move my taskbar to the bottom to make sure my cursor isn't messed up in game. In the first image, the red arrow points to where my taskbar is located. In the second picture, the red circle represents where my Cursor would be, and the red box represents my selection of the Rewards button, even though my mouse cursor IS NOT hovering over the button. I have to move my cursor down half an inch in order to select it correctly. Same thing with picking a point on the map with the 3rd photo. I'll click on the mountains, but then the arrow will actually go down on the map way above where I clicked. Please fix!
  4. Bah! I don't take many videos. I'll try to see if I can get someone to do it to me again, or if I can do it, and record it. In the mean time, my specs are a i7 7700k and a GTX 1080 ti, 16gig mem, SSD HD; all running at 4k resolution.
  5. What happens during this glitch / hack is that people will go head on with a car/truck, but let's say that you are inside a cabin, if you are INSIDE the cabin, but even remotely close to the door, the car will run you over. In fact, the OPPOSITE should be happening during this maneuver. People crashing into cabins with their truck/car should be getting half health penalties (or dying all together), and the person INSIDE the cabin, should not be effected at all by a crashing car. This is starting to happen a lot, where if you are inside a cabin, on the other side of a picnic table, on the opposite side of a wall, the vehicle can essentially clip the wall, and still kill people. Please fix, thanks.
  6. Hashmon

    Hacking & Lag

    Some I've come up with two major things holding this game back at the moment. Both of these items appear in virtually every single game, for most players, most of the time. They are the following: Hacking I'd say in almost every single instance there is some type of forced lag/aimbot/wall hacker. I've had people run up to a cottage I've been in for 10 minutes, come up right to the room wall I'm in and attempt to kill me -- no windows to peak, no seeing me travel within the house, just come right up to the wall and attempt to shoot through the wall at me. No my gun isn't sticking out so they can see me. They can see through the walls, they are killing through the walls. Other times I'll have Level 3 helmet, level 3 vest, and someone will pull out a pistol and two tap me for a head-shot. Two-tap. Pistol. Headshot. Level 3 armor. Do something about this. Lag The game right now is unplayable. I understand it's beta. I understand you're working on it. I understand all of that. I write software myself, I understand how long it takes, and the complexity of creating an automated system that matches tens of thousands of players together so they can play 24/7. But the pings we're talking about here are massive. I'll have a 200ms ping, the other player will have a 200ms ping, and attempting a fire fight will essentially be both of us shooting at ghosts of eachother. This is basically a Random Number Generator game. If I wanted to play an RNG, I'd roll dice. Please fix your game so it's an actual game, and not a shell of a game, which it currently is. Thanks.
  7. Hashmon

    Netcode errors

    So I just got done rushing a cabin when a player jumps out, I jump behind him, unload 5 bullets into his back, while he's shooting the opposite way and unloading 4 bullets into an open wide landscape due north to the both of us. I die. Please fix your game, this is not a game, this is something else.
  8. So I'm going into MSI Afterburner, and it's telling me that only 50%-%60 of the GPU is being used in-game. Could that be a bug? Shouldn't it be 80-100%? It's driving me insane. Waiting for optimization! FPS is falling through the floor during gunfights!
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