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  1. Will do I will PM you my tag
  2. Here is a screen shot of what is going on RoboDanjal
  3. I tried these steps and the missions still don’t populate all the time this has been happening since the vikendi drop
  4. I am having an issue where about 50 percent of the time my missions tab is blank in the vakendi pass I can see them pre game but in the main menus it will be blank with daily and weekly missions showing 0/0
  5. Even though it has improved there is still a lot of duplication I spent probably 200k BP on the biker crate alone and never got a drop above the black shoes was hunting the checkered mask but no luck I believe that even with the new improved system it is still nearly impossible to receive the top tier items with out removing the duplicate items even the big YouTubers I follow are having similar issues on different crates with 100 buys and still no top their items.
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