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  1. It's coming on the test server with everything else on the 23rd.
  2. This is my favorite clip ever. https://gamerdvr.com/gamer/superspacemane/video/75631978
  3. I'm not saying that it will compensate for the sway from my movement or that it should. I should be able to initiate holding breath while moving so that the additional zoom is enabled and the sway stops when I stop moving.
  4. I am pretty accurate. Holding breath is a contributing factor to this but not the sole reason. My accuracy isnt what gets me killed, it's the fact that if I want to initiate holding breath I'll be standing perfectly still and an enemy will obviously shoot me easily as a result. I also use this for the extra zoom on red dots/holos.
  5. That's precisely what I mean. Even if you're already ADS and slightly moving, hold breath will not work. Idk about you but I can hold my breath at any time doing anything.
  6. One huge improvement that I think should be made to this game is the hold breath function. This is something I use religiously and it helps immensely when spraying high recoil ARs. The thing that bothers me, is that you cant hold breath while making any sort of movement. This has gotten me killed a fair few times as I was holding still to get the hold breath function to work. If you must nerf it in any way to compensate for being able to hold breath while moving, make the breath run out more quickly.
  7. I hate it when I'm laying in the grass and worms start eating me alive. It really is a buzzkill.
  8. That wasnt a bridge block that was an idiot lol. My squad broke a bridge block that was completely blocked with vehicles pretty easily. If you take 4 cars they can't possibly kill you all.
  9. No. If it appears that you are not wearing a helmet, then you should not be wearing a helmet.
  10. I'm sure if they could release an optimized version they would have done that already. If they release this as backwards compatible for next gen consoles it will run the same as it does on our current systems for parity's sake. Not a chance that microsoft will let the next gen run the same game on the same server with specs twice as good as current.
  11. You should really make it 50 cal and use that as a segway to add a new crate sniper. Something bolt action (as much as I'd love to see a barrett, that would be too OP), make it one shot kill to the torso or head, you only get 8-10 rounds. I was looking at this and thought it would be a good choice.
  12. Not sure what you're getting at. I pass at least 5 crossbows per match.
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