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  1. Nah I turned off the music a loooooong time ago.
  2. Yeah they never did fix the frame drop issue. It's not as bad as it was but it's still there and quite frustrating.
  3. Are you sure he was ADS and aiming literally straight up? I've had numerous flare guns and literally never had one that didnt work.
  4. Believe me, we are all in 100% agreement on that Haha. Pubg, however, doesnt seem to care.
  5. They stopped using it because it delayed the patch going live for no reason. It's not like they listened to our feedback and fixed anything before it went live anyway. If they did, we still wouldnt have Vikendi because they would still be trying to figure out why it won't render properly. This has happened on every test server patch ever, so again, it is just a waste of time and resources for everyone.
  6. Yes, it's a known issue. No, they aren't planning on fixing it any time soon.
  7. Idk about you but going from a TV (granted any monitor would be better in terms of response time) to a 1ms monitor was a game changer. I had to spend 2 days relearning how to aim haha. For OP, I have a Samsung UE590. 4k. 1ms response time, freesync, etc. Got it for around $350 and its excellent. Most monitors you find may have freesync but 90% of them dont have freesync via HDMI so unless you're running some sort of HDMI to display port adapter, it's not going to matter. My Samsung is no exception to this.
  8. Definitely should be destroyable. About the amount of armor as a UAZ seems fair. You're already going to lose mobility and obviously a weapon slot. It would be cool if you could stage it on the ground for cover in the open. Obviously a minor flank would render it essentially useless so I don't see an issue with it being too OP.
  9. I had the same thing happen lol. My squad wiped out everyone else that was trying to blow it open and let the glitch abusers die.
  10. It's actually pretty fun if you arent actually trying to get the loot. Land nearby and keep everyone else from blowing open the entrances and take solace in knowing that the people who glitched in there will die to zone because I've NEVER seen a grenade spawn inside the cave.
  11. Everyone is copying gun manufacturers. All SMGs have many different variations which take different ammo. The ump and vector being the most popular. DMR is a real term mostly used for semi auto snipers.
  12. Idk if itll do damage but it certainly will scare the piss out of your enemies seeing a huge loud flare flying across their screen. Someone did it to me and it was hilarious.
  13. This has seriously effected my X games recreations in match.
  14. Make sure you switch the top left selection to view files on your xbox instead of from xbox live.
  15. You do know RT will scroll by 'page' right? Itll jump straight to the last visible item listed and everything below it that fits in the menu. Just in case you didnt know. I didnt learn that until a few months ago.
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