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    Adjusting Loot On Vikendi

    I agree that it would be more fun with sanhok loot but after playing a lot of vikendi you understand the play style of the map more. Hard to explain, it just needs to be played different because the terrian is drastically different. I hated the loot situation at first but it got better.

    circle location / Zharki, et. al.

    Yeah, I’ve always thought that military base on Miramar was such a waste. It’s a cool area and fun to play around in but It’s unused mostly because of its location.

    The Draw to TPP

    I’m in my late 30’s so i started shooters on golden eye. Didn’t really get into halo or COD but was a first day gears of war player and since then I’ve just liked TPP more. I do play FPP some but I definitely like TPP a little more. I’m really not 100% sure why. My stats are better in FPP but it’s prob only because I got wrecked forever playing TPP at first due to many reasons 😂. Still not great but I was much better when I played FPP finally. Also agree that FPP has more good players in each lobby. There’s really great TPP players as well though that play both.

    Who's won a Turkey dinner?

    I’ve gotten the turkey twice. Not 4 times yet tho.

    I’m in the minority...

    I’m with you man. Mirimar is my fav too. I just like the openness of it and am always looking for that bolt action w/8x. I prob like sanhok more than you judging by your wording though. Love hot dropping into bootcamp on to a beryl or AK on the roof. Erangel is by far my least favorite.

    Please remove aim acceleration

    I use aim accel. It’s useful for shooting at moving vehicles. They absolutely should remove it when turned off though I agree.

    Squad just wants to kill?

    Building camping is just boring to me. I’d rather run and gun. If I die I queue up another game. It’s made me a better shooter playing like this. Everyone can play how they choose to play considering they bought their game but I will never understand the players who want to sit inside buildings for 5mins at a time. Not to mention if I do that I’m not warmed up and will have a good chance of losing my next firefight. To each their own I guess but I don’t mind dying from another player, I refuse to die of boredom though.

    Anyone else scared of playing Solo?

    Solo is where it’s at IMO. All about you and you only. Nobody to pick you up if you make a mistake. I’ve become a much better player since playing pretty much only solo or 1-man squads. I only play squads when I want to be social and just have some laughs because the squad I usually play with is absolutely terrible at this game lol. They only play here and there and none of them will touch a solo match to even attempt to get better. We all started at the same time and I played solos when they weren’t on so my gameplay skyrocketed compared to theirs because they just wouldn’t play unless the others were getting on.

    How hit detection looks on xbox

    I can hit apples in the air in the lobby no prob. I do agree there’s hit detection problems in this game though. I also think there’s a lot of people who aren’t used to playing games without aim assit and blame a lot of it on the game when it’s one of the main attractions to some of us.

    Training Mode - Zombies

    Imo at the root of these requests everyone is getting at they want to be able to know they accomplished their kill when shooting in training. I agree with it. Not sure zombies or the other idea is 100% of the answer but I do agree it needs that element somehow.