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  1. I'm not saying I want to make everyone switch, I just want people to give it a shot. People only seem to play it a few times and if they don't get a win with at least 5 kills say that FPP sucks. If people, overall, would give it a fair shot they may enjoy it. If they don't, oh well then go back to TPP and enjoy one of the best games ever how you choose. But by giving it a shot the player que is larger even if it is just for a few days, those days are less frustrating to FPP players.
  2. Why not? I don't understand why people hate playing FPP so much on xbox but love watching PC players play it.
  3. I thinks it's time for us as a community to move away from TPP and to FPP. The games looks so much better, seems to run smoother, and takes more skill in FPP. You should never start a match with less than 40 people so everyone hop into FPP the game is so much better.
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