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    K, watch again - he's ADS when you start shooting, meaning there's very little mobility to any reaction he's having. It's fish in a barrel at that point, and a terrible example as a counterpoint.
  2. Rugman

    KD ratios.... thoughts?

    The issue with K/D ratios is that it doesn't get reset often enough (seasonally) to account for a player's improvement. Example from anecdotal experience, I had a run of 30-40 games a while back without a kill. I can't remember what the issue was, but I was leaving guys with a sliver of life but dying every single time. In and around that same time, I was terrible and had a .75 k/d or something. But in the last month my game's turned a big corner, to the point where I have bounced up to 0.91 K/D and had a 9 kill chicken dinner last night, my personal best game. I like to look at k/d ratio of the last 30 games (because PUBG lookup makes that convenient) to see where I'm at basically this week.
  3. Rugman

    November 15 Hotfix Feedback Topic

    There are a few places in Miramar where your character can get trapped by the environment. An example of such a point is circled in red in the attached pic - this is the mine northeast of Impala. Once you fall into this place (or end up in there during a firefight) it is impossible to get out without the help of a squadmate - in solos you are trapped completely. This needs to not happen in a full release game.
  4. I don't mind M&K users, but if PUBG allows it on Xbox I hope they will segregate users into separate games for input device. I'd like to try M&K, but I would feel icky using it against controllers.
  5. Rugman

    Game crash: Megathread

    Mostly when I crash it's when I'm about to land while parachuting. I just get the black screen and get booted to the dashboard. No error codes. Xbox 1S with SSD