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    K, watch again - he's ADS when you start shooting, meaning there's very little mobility to any reaction he's having. It's fish in a barrel at that point, and a terrible example as a counterpoint.
  2. Rugman

    KD ratios.... thoughts?

    The issue with K/D ratios is that it doesn't get reset often enough (seasonally) to account for a player's improvement. Example from anecdotal experience, I had a run of 30-40 games a while back without a kill. I can't remember what the issue was, but I was leaving guys with a sliver of life but dying every single time. In and around that same time, I was terrible and had a .75 k/d or something. But in the last month my game's turned a big corner, to the point where I have bounced up to 0.91 K/D and had a 9 kill chicken dinner last night, my personal best game. I like to look at k/d ratio of the last 30 games (because PUBG lookup makes that convenient) to see where I'm at basically this week.
  3. Rugman

    November 15 Hotfix Feedback Topic

    There are a few places in Miramar where your character can get trapped by the environment. An example of such a point is circled in red in the attached pic - this is the mine northeast of Impala. Once you fall into this place (or end up in there during a firefight) it is impossible to get out without the help of a squadmate - in solos you are trapped completely. This needs to not happen in a full release game.
  4. You couldn't be more wrong on this point, and I don't understand how your side continues to bury their heads in the sand this way - thes player may not be able to actively harm you, but they are absolutely a threat. I know, because when I'm downed and someone doesn't finish me off right away I am telling the rest of my squad/duo partner where they went, and many times he is able to knock or kill the other guy. He wouldn't have been able to with nearly as much efficiency if I wasn't there barking out the enemy player's position. This is a thing, and is the reason I'm putting those extra round or two in a guy when I drop him and don't feel I'm immediately in danger. It doesn't take 3 seconds to come to that conclusion.
  5. Nicely illustrated. I would actually like to have this deadzone only come into effect when you are ADS though. Or even better, only when firing the gun. Otherwise it will inhibit movement when you are trying to track someone.
  6. Have you guys been watching any Blackout videos? Sparing a downed player isn't a thing in that game whatsoever, I'm not sure why there is such a belly-aching about it here. Yeah, I get it if you aren't able to kill the player safely you shouldn't but I'm not seeing these "thirsty" players diving into a trap to get the kill. It seems like a major exaggeration from salty bros who can't deal with sitting and spectating after they have been initially outplayed. Not to mention, the downed player can still see you and tell his mates where you are, and if you don't finish him off he can get back in the game and kill you. This is the most absurd complaint I have heard about gameplay. The. Most. Absurd. You don't want to die to a thirsty player? Squad up better, your partner should be close enough to save you.
  7. Rugman

    a new spark

    Yup, the fact that you are constantly building something breathes some new life, for sure. Loving it (more) since the last update.
  8. Rugman

    Bots on Xbox?

    I played 10 man squad - it's just too much in the party chat. I'd rather split the squad into two units and operate independently.
  9. Rugman

    Bots on Xbox?

    That would explain why the OCE servers aren't in Australia!
  10. Rugman

    Survivor levels

    I got the biker jacket on LVL1 *shrug* Maybe the PUBG devs hear me not shittting all over them online and rigged it *shrug*
  11. Probably 4/7 nights a week, for at least 2 hours.
  12. Rugman

    Have played this game since week one

    Seriously though, frames have improved since the beginning. Give your head a shake.
  13. Rugman

    Have played this game since week one

    Look, I am disappointed with the game's progress too, but to say it's worse now than it was when it launched in game preview is just such an over-the-top exaggeration that I can't see how anyone from PUBG corp reading your complaint could force themselves to take this seriously. This is not a real thing. Guys, please frickin' stop. Make your criticism, but make it realistically.
  14. Rugman

    I would like to see...

    I mean, we already have bodies ragdolling 300 ft into the air, would it be too much to ask for them to explode at the height of their flight?
  15. Rugman

    Anyone else scared of playing Solo?

    Scared to play Solo? No, more scared to play duos/squads with my regular mates ?