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  1. Ahahaha yeah i'd be up for that. Whats your steam name i'll look you up when i get home from work.
  2. Yeah i've tried arma 3 but like you mentioned not so much fun playing alone
  3. Yeah i've been thinking about changing for PC for ages now, so i thought i would go hard and get a top of the range, we could try some games together if you want as long as it runs ok for you. I have great game knowledge just the keyboard/mouse situation i have to get used to.
  4. Yeah i'm probably going to play at low quality except for textures and a few others. Feels incredible half the trouble im having is adapting to such smooth gameplay
  5. Was going to reply earlier but my phone died.. RTX 2080(not Ti) I9 9900k processor and 16gb ram.
  6. I spent 3k on my PC I get 170 FPS on Ultra graphic settings ahaha
  7. Im not gonna lie it isn't easy man.. I've never played M&K either but the hardest part so far i've found is getting used to the keyboard more than anything. The mouse isn't as bad as i thought although. Played my first 3 games last night, first 2 i got destroyed with 0 kills and the last one i got 2 kills with an SLR from 300m away on guys running in a field nowhere near ready for a dinner though...
  8. Lol, I'll try and pop back every now and again for a couple games. Although i may need you to carry me if i'm gone too long
  9. I may try, depends if my internet can cope.
  10. Well the time has come for me to switch over to PC, The time has come for me to become the noob once more.. Here I come 1 or 2 kill games for a month and bye bye chicken dinners for a while.. Been one hell of a ride the last year and a half on xbox even with all the problems.. If you want me I'll be cruising around Erangel deagle in hand. Your not so friendly neighbourhood Yake. <3
  11. Pretty sure they had confirmed it wouldn't happen but hey doesn't matter either way, what PUBG corp say and do aren't always the same anyway
  12. Unfortunately they had already said there won't be a PUBG 2. They are just going to keep updating this game until the player base dies.
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