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  1. Kinkoolaidyo

    You finish my guy, I finish yours

    Nope if you guys get too spread out and the coast is clear...bye Felicia
  2. Kinkoolaidyo


    It is what it is man it doesn't really bother me it will get here eventually but Im old work 50-60 hours a week and have kids so my tolerance is pretty high lol
  3. Kinkoolaidyo

    Game not playable

    😂😂😂😂 this ones bulb is burned out
  4. Kinkoolaidyo

    The graphics are terrible now

    This!!! All day!!!.
  5. Kinkoolaidyo

    What kind of Troll are you

    Haha I love the ones that instantly go prone when they come out of the blue.
  6. Kinkoolaidyo

    Wtf is going on...

    I agree the guy that shit in the other guys face definetely won..😂
  7. Kinkoolaidyo

    Overall experience (X or S)

    I play on the S with ssd and my game runs fairly well. Textures look like crap lol but I dont really care about it..my first console was an Atari.
  8. Kinkoolaidyo


    Ohhhh petaaa
  9. Kinkoolaidyo

    They nailed it! Desync is gone!

    Also if you see a player and start to shoot and he melts you with 1 or 2 shots...or never seems to shoot at all but kills you...
  10. Kinkoolaidyo

    They nailed it! Desync is gone!

    You guys are gonna make me fake sick and go home right now..😂
  11. Kinkoolaidyo

    Survivor missions

    Not having Issues with it. But like stated above a notification or an in game tracker would be great!
  12. Kinkoolaidyo

    That's It I'm Done! Game Over Everyone!

    Lol Ive never understood this complaint..the dude that is downed can still see and call out so if you try to switch position he can just call out your new position. So in order to make the game more enjoyable for you. We have to put our chances of winning at risk? You are jist gonna have to be mad at me because as soon as I can Im thirsting...sorry not sorry...