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  1. Cheesesteakwit

    PTS Sensitivity Issue

    That's not the point! The point is that Bluehole seem like they can't do anything right! Everytime they try to fix one thing it messes up something else! It's like watching amateurs on video game development!!
  2. Cheesesteakwit

    PTS Sensitivity Issue

    The right thingstick aim slows down to a crawl unless u press LB then it does it again over and over! U guys always make something worse everytime u try to make something else better! Why not sell PUBG and make a fortune and let a professional studio take it over and do it right and stop with all these amateur mistakes! I don't know why Microsoft doesn't buy it this way it will be an exclusive to Xbox on console and they can let the game be done right!
  3. Cheesesteakwit

    Mouse and keyboard on xbox??

    People do use Keyboard and mouse on Xbox One playing PUBG and other shooters! I seen a guy on Xbox (Gamertag: Nebula Burner) looking to squad up with other players on PUBG also using Xim Apex with keyboard and mouse!! Best thing to do is report them to Microsoft and Bluehole!