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  1. I just play through the big telly, I don’t even use game mode!! Will game mode make any difference?
  2. The only time you are safe is when you’ve got the Chicken Dinner or back in the lobby. 😂
  3. Pubg is like a woman. You can love it one minute, then hate it the next. 😂 Only joking, I don’t want anyone thinking I'm sexist!
  4. According to Xbox hub, I get one dinner for a win but my partner gets 2 😂 I used to get 2 but they fixed mine but not his - crazy game.
  5. I’ve upped my forward sensitivity to 30 and it seems to be better while sprinting.
  6. My guy sounds like he has 1 leg shorter than the other 😂
  7. I don’t use any of this auto crap. It should be a level playing field IMO.
  8. I think it’s the Barenaked Ladies mate 😂
  9. Similar to mine mate. I was concerned that the latency was too high but maybe not.
  10. I’m interested to see how much packet loss and latency your setups have! Can you post the details for me please! Thanks
  11. The worst thing about it is the better your headset, the clearer it sounds. Nightmare mate.
  12. Not to mention fellas running around in tights and dresses! Someone on here asked for Military Skins and a he got a lot of negative comments, probably from the fellas dressed as women with floral bags. 😂
  13. They are slowly messing this game up, silly emotes and now charms it’s becoming a joke!
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