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  1. Farls-1998

    Xbox Update #6 - Feedback Topic

    Any news on when the flickering will be sorted? It does my head in cos it never used to be like this.
  2. Farls-1998

    God Forgive Me

    I don’t eat meat on Good Friday but for the first time in my life, I had a Chicken Dinner!! I hope god forgives me for this filthy flame grilled sin 😂😂 https://gamerdvr.com/gamer/farls1998/video/73294074
  3. Farls-1998

    Solo Teaming + Bridge Camps

    That’s an absolute joke, good work getting through mate. Go on PUBG detective and you will probably see them landing together. Get some screenshots and report them.
  4. Farls-1998

    Flare Gun Rant

    Just one flare gun per game would be sufficient. At the moment there’s too many players with AWMs etc.
  5. Farls-1998

    Flare Gun

    Thanks for the info Andy, I had no idea about how this worked.
  6. I had the freeze in the first game but was ok after that. I only played 4 games though.
  7. Farls-1998

    update 6....really?

  8. Farls-1998

    SSD question

    This is what happens when the servers only get maintenance when there’s an update. They need it weekly.
  9. Farls-1998

    I tried to help him out....

    And there’s me thinking you was a nice guy 😂
  10. I was also watching the timer in the top corner and was gonna level up towards the end but I suppose I can’t now. Never mind hey.
  11. Farls-1998

    I tried to help him out....

    Fact: Youve got no mates in this game! 😂
  12. Farls-1998

    the final word on framerate

    I have a one x with a Samsung SSD, wired internet speed of 80 mbps and the frames over the past week have gotten worse! For example while on a motorbike it used to drop now and then for a split second but now it’s dropping for about 2 seconds which is a worry. Is this because the server needs maintenance or another issue altogether? Thanks
  13. Farls-1998

    Embarrassing Retrospective

    This was a very old dinner, hands were shaking and sweat dripping down my fod. I’ve added a bit of music to spice it up 😂 https://1drv.ms/v/s!Am-62DgxatcCiVZT5jDtarMXgWNv
  14. Farls-1998

    God, this game is good.

    Let’s not forget that PUBG is just a game!! People will play it whatever way they get joy from. Having good stats doesnt earn you money so you can buy a nice home or car. Chill out 😂