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  1. I've been playing pubg steady since it came out. I stuck through all the problems and issues cuz I had so much fun with it, but lately I've been playing red dead online and I gotta say it's nice when rockstar listens to problems, fixes a problem and then gives us money. Pubg on the other hand still has problems that were there on day one. I guess what I'm trying to say is the lack of communication and fixing things no one cares about, killed pubg for me. Sad to say a loyal fan is done playing. I had so much fun but I think it's ran it's course for me
  2. TrippySitcom

    Survivor levels

    I thought it meant down but not out? As in how many people you have knocked but didnt kill
  3. TrippySitcom

    Survivor levels

    So there's more than what that picture shows? I'm level 7 and still nothing lol
  4. TrippySitcom

    Overpower [Nov 8-11] Feedback topic

    It would have been nice to see tpp, I'll play either way but definitely not as much. I know there will be people who won't play because of this. I mean why exclude an entire group of players
  5. TrippySitcom

    Survivor levels

    Nice I was hoping it wouldn't just be stuff that's already in game
  6. TrippySitcom

    Survivor levels

    Have you gotten anything yet?
  7. TrippySitcom

    Re-Roll mission?

    It's for if there's a challenge you don't want you re roll to get a new one in its place