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  1. You didn't get dude. I leave in EU and always ended on NA servers. The queue time has always been different from game to game. Like 22s standard for 1st game and maybe 45s standard for second game and 54s standard for the third etc.. now it s always 10s standard. understand?
  2. Matchmaking is broken, I m not even sure to play 10% of my games on EU servers and I leave in EU. Happen at any times.
  3. Same here I made a post about it. For me it s 16s sanhok 10d standard it s now maybe a week or more that it s always the same
  4. It's now maybe a week that my queue time for squad is the same, at any time of the day or night. It's 16 seconds. Sanhok/SQUAD/TPP ⏱16S and it's 10 seconds on standard Standard/SQUAD/TPP⏱10S IIRC it has never been like this and queue time was different from a game to another. Is it normal and I'm crazy? Maybe my matchmaking problems are from there for a part? anyone else noticed that? thanks!
  5. I m in France/EU, wired + fiber (download up to 1G and upload up to 700M). My ping on some Titanfall servers is 16Ms. Lately I played A LOT and it happens to me at any time of the day or night. I only queued in squad as a random and 95% of the time I m on NA or even SA or OC. Even this weekend we were 3 friends from France queuing for a squad. The 4th guy was certainly from US and we ended on a NA server. how is this possible? My only question is why I m not queuing with EU players only? oh I get that if a guy in your team has a friend out of EU it could turn that you ended on a NA server. This makes the game very bad to play. * I play random squad, TTP, Sanhok, standard, quick join. There is no mode that solve server issue.
  6. They have made AIM assist for bad player like me. So AIM assist + bigger hit box make this game much more fair now! Thank you PUBG!😂😂😂😂😂
  7. Lol,it happens in any case. Standard, sanhok only, quick join, at anytime of the day!
  8. The matchmaking is terrible. I leave in EU (France/Paris) and I have fiber up to 1G with 16Ms ping in Titanfall for ex. I play A LOT PUBG, sometimes can be from 10am to 2am. I like playing squad with my friends but they are rarely online so I mainly play random squad. How the hell 90% of my games if not 95% are on NA servers? Even SA and OC? Why I m not looking for EU players only? perfect exemple: yesterday I was queuing for squad as a random. My 3 teamates were 2 guys from EU (they were friends in a party) and 1 guy from US. The guy from US was random and not a friend of the 2 EU guys. Guess what? We ended on a NA server. I can understand and I accept bugs etc in game, but matchmaking? Come on! I would prefer to wait 1 or 2 minutes and play on EU servers than find a game in 10seconds on NA/OC/SA servers thanks!
  9. Hi, I have had a lotttt of free time to play PUBG since the last update and it's just terrible, At any time of the day/night I have to play on NA server as a EU random queuing for squad. worse I found myself 2 or 3 times per day on SA servers. I m sure I play 90% minimum on NA. when I play sànhok, my apples stick to the wall...in the lobby. I imagine what happen in game. Today we where 3 frenchs randoms with 1 random from us and guess what, NA server. There is a big problem in matchmaking and for me it s braking the game more than bugs... much more.
  10. Was wondering, R1OT team? Let s see💉
  11. football is life, it s unfair🤷🏻‍♂️Like Pubg is sometime
  12. You missed the most important, the GOAT👹😭🦉💉🔙🔜. Please kill me in FPP with all the premium class it will bring on my death.
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