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  1. The issue that you are facing is not with the battery but with the controller firmware i guess. I have been using normal rechargeable batteries from Sony and the issue pops up now and then from last few months. I think the issue got introduced with one of the recent update either in the console or controller.
  2. Xbox One X is best gaming console out here. I am in love with it since I purchased it. Not only PUBG all games look so amazing when you play on it.
  3. Those were the worse skins i have ever seen.
  4. Yes, I understand that. All they need to do is add career tabs which should give info for each match you placed upto last 15 matches which will give you all the info of how many kills time serviced rank and SP. Its not that hard. PUBG Mobile does it. They can do it as well. Its seems like there is no will to make this game better.
  5. I would really like that. Introducing pros of PUBG mobile to xbox. But then again you wont get it. Its bluehole vs tencent.
  6. Thanks bro, But this does not answer how much SP you get for each match. But then again I found it by checking SP increase after each match.
  7. Wow so you gonna get that parachute. Which is nice. I am on 4100. Not sure If I should play more to get it. I am also working full time and play only in the evening but I have weekends off. May be I can give it a try. I would really want that para.
  8. PUBG Mobile has its pros and cons Pros. Map Selection UI Designing Rewards Gameplay Rendering Graphics Player Base Supported Emulator Frequent update Cons Bots Aim Assists Hackers & Cheaters Does not support Controller like Fortnite
  9. Wow you got killed and the person who killed you was noob. That is historic to read.
  10. After playing so many games post this update. Here is my feedback. 1) Vikendi rendering has improved but issue is till there. a)Building are visible while parachuting but when you land you still get stuck as building are still rendering. b)Even when the building have rendered the stairs and other specification of building are rendering c)Building rendering even after you are in game 10-15 minutes. There have been time when you will experience this plus road getting disappeared making vehicle fall into black hole. Specially on Vikendi close to bridges d)This is happening on Vikendi, Miramar, Erangle, Sanhok - Max on Vikendi and less on Sanhok(Left to Right) 2) Safe Zone color has improved but its a challenge on Vikendi a) Looks better on Erangle, Miramar and Sanhok b) Can see you have tried to make it better but it is still bad. Need more work or just change the color to dark black. 3) Need some new weapon skins which could be purchased of BPs. This all for now.
  11. I checked and notice its like 5 to 10 points for each match you play depending on when you die. Usually its around 10 as most of the time i die in top 10. With that calculation, I may have to play hell number of games which I am not planning to do at all, given people have confirmed it gets worse when you touch 5000.
  12. Bro, Trust me and order just make sure you order from a seller who has got good rating and provide tracking details for less dollars. I usually order 10 no. of it as its cheap to buy bundle plus since they break off easily its always good to have some in stock. Plus delivery time is long so you don't want to wait each time whenever you break it. Yes the quality is not as good a original but its good. I always order my bumpers and analog from them and replace it my self. Save hundred of dollars.
  13. That's true. But since they would always need a new content to release a pass. Its gonna be Erangle, as new map is not coming soon and the season would end in April last.
  14. No bro its not my theory its PUBG theory. Does not matter if you reach top tear in all the games solo duos or squad you will get only one reward depending on which tear you are in. And this is basis pubg mobile theory and given everything has been copied from there. It should be the same story on xbox unless they decided to reward more which I highly doubt. you can have all premium items.
  15. I see 200 points difference at each level. How much do you usually get for each match.
  16. Please do my answer is basis PUBG Mobile. And they do the same every season. Given season pass and ranking system has been copied from pubg mobile. I believe they would have also copied same reward system unless otherwise.
  17. TPP is best. I never liked FPP looks kidish and easy.
  18. I still find it hard that we would get multiple rewards. @PUBG_Andymh5 Can you confirm this for us?
  19. You can always order RB and LB from aliexpress and replace it by yourself. Its way to cheap.
  20. Ya i would hate to get that gas mask. Parchute would be nice. But I guess Bluehole has gone completely from with SP system. You really have to grind. It should not be that difficult. If people have played 2000+ games and still far off getting it. Its not worth my time.
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