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  1. Evilishdevil

    Grenade kills mission

    For Red Zone you need to drive in redzone and wait for bombing to start. Once started step out of vehicle and then get in. All done just make sure to full stop your vehicle completely.
  2. Evilishdevil

    Xbox - January 30 Hotfix Feedback Topic

    Cars still flying. Character Getting stuck in rocks Finding yourself in the middle of the water while driving on land.
  3. Evilishdevil

    So many coupons, nothing to buy

    How to unlock challenge? Do I need to complete 1 week challenge completely or all the 3 weeks or the latest week challenge. and If I unlock it, can I get challenge rewards. Please note I don't have Vikendi Pass
  4. Evilishdevil

    What happened to the leave team button?

    Press X and then Y to leave team then press B for main screen (Now the match selection is back to Solo) Then scroll down once again (To change it) Press A to enter match type Scroll down thrice to select squad once again go back to match mode to select squad press A to Select Press A to apply Press B to go back lobby. Now Press A to play. Seems like lot of work ....This is pure stupid from Blue hole to play Squad matches. Or Am I missing any thing here?
  5. Evilishdevil

    PTS going up next week?

    If its by Lunar you can trust it. The guy is ligit. Plus Bluehole has officially released a trailer of Bizon and canted sight. So you can expect PTS to be up soon.
  6. Evilishdevil

    Whats next.

    I see this hype every time a new BR game get released and after sometime people only talk about PUBG and you don't see any other out there.
  7. Don't think its a walk hack. I experience something similar when I am have moved away from a window and still got shot through the wall. I believe its because of me playing on different server causing lag to my game, which gives my opponent extra time to see on the window and shoot me down while I see myself moving from window but its all too late for me and too easy for my opponent
  8. Evilishdevil

    Pubg should hold in there against Apex just fine.

    I believe PUBG is unique and no other battle Royal game will be better than it. It has something which cannot be defined. I always enjoy playing it unlike other BR games. Even when you watch a video on Youtube, you would feel like to play it. This does not happen with other BR Game. Other Studio want to make money on Bluehole success by making similar game but they wont cut it. Just like GTA is GTA and Watchdogs and other copied game couldn't cut it.
  9. Evilishdevil

    Turtle Beach Elite Pro TAC

    I was not aware if we can do that. I though superhuman and foot step are only available in game mode. How do you do that from the app?
  10. Evilishdevil

    drive 500km in a buggy

    I guess I am still at level 1. I have stopped playing, I can't force my eyes to find that circle in the mix of Vikendi. Will wait for the next update hoping they will solve it.
  11. Evilishdevil

    Why. Is. The. Map. Circle. White.

    Backlight is interrelated to Brightness so its the same thing like reducing the brightness.
  12. Evilishdevil

    drive 500km in a buggy

    So basically people who play less wont be able to unlock challenge. Seems unfair. At one end they want you to buy unnecessary things which has no relevance in the game. On the other end they want you to play more to unlock things. But they won't fix the game.
  13. Evilishdevil

    drive 500km in a buggy

    Correct me if I am wrong challenges are only available to players who complete weekly missions first.
  14. Evilishdevil

    Why. Is. The. Map. Circle. White.

    To see the circle you have to reduce either contrast or Brightness. Keep in mind you won't have the best experience but thats the only way to see the circle without thinking you are getting blind.
  15. Evilishdevil

    That Hotfix

    Hot Fix is focused on Squad matches and Event Pass and challenges. I don't need it as i mostly play solo. It would be good to have a better UI where I can read things without thinking that I may have an eye problem. Also, as highlighted by many a circle color option should be implemented soon. I can't do shit until I see the shit!! P.S. I don't have an eye problem