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  1. The game would survive many years. Its good. every game has its own flaws nothing is perfect. Game being buggy gives you so many funny youtube clips. I would miss them if its perfect.
  2. The issue that you are facing is not with the battery but with the controller firmware i guess. I have been using normal rechargeable batteries from Sony and the issue pops up now and then from last few months. I think the issue got introduced with one of the recent update either in the console or controller.
  3. Wow you got killed and the person who killed you was noob. That is historic to read.
  4. After playing so many games post this update. Here is my feedback. 1) Vikendi rendering has improved but issue is till there. a)Building are visible while parachuting but when you land you still get stuck as building are still rendering. b)Even when the building have rendered the stairs and other specification of building are rendering c)Building rendering even after you are in game 10-15 minutes. There have been time when you will experience this plus road getting disappeared making vehicle fall into black hole. Specially on Vikendi close to bridges d)This is happening on Vikendi, Miramar, Erangle, Sanhok - Max on Vikendi and less on Sanhok(Left to Right) 2) Safe Zone color has improved but its a challenge on Vikendi a) Looks better on Erangle, Miramar and Sanhok b) Can see you have tried to make it better but it is still bad. Need more work or just change the color to dark black. 3) Need some new weapon skins which could be purchased of BPs. This all for now.
  5. TPP is best. I never liked FPP looks kidish and easy.
  6. Yes, It will. Don't see it dying for next 5 years.
  7. I launched the game yesterday as they told improvement in UI and Safe zone circle color for Vikendi. UI is still terrible nothing readable in those small text specially in mission tabs. Safe Zone on Vikendi still getting mixed within the map color. I am highly disappointed even some cool stuffs were added I am going to keep myself away from playing until i can read the missions and see the safe zone on Vikendi.
  8. Don't think its a walk hack. I experience something similar when I am have moved away from a window and still got shot through the wall. I believe its because of me playing on different server causing lag to my game, which gives my opponent extra time to see on the window and shoot me down while I see myself moving from window but its all too late for me and too easy for my opponent
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