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  1. Lost connection to host only happens when loading in the new map. It never happens when play the older 2 maps
  2. To much of a hassle to do and remembering to do every time. Plus in hot a situation it gets you killed 80% of the time.
  3. I like what you said a lot. Some people are just out there WAITING to pull the trigger to criticize and complain. It's funny how those same people will criticize something and then keep playing it. Give them a break guys. They are trying their hardest. The only way this game is going to get better is time. But unfortunately time is also their worst enemy. People want things now. If they knew this game was going to be so big they have already said they would have done things WAY DIFFERENT. But sense they didn't, they have to work with a crappy foundation. Basically they have to remodel the game instead of knocking it down and starting over. A house with a bad foundation is hard to fix. You have few options because you still have to live in it while the work is done. So now you have to do fixes and remodels while still having a functioning house. So.... that said time is the only fix for this game.
  4. Putting brightness to 100% works great for me in settings.
  5. Seems like non of the settings are working correctly on test server. At least from my POV
  6. Switch your control settings to type A on the test server. That bind is not bugged. From what pubg is saying it doesn't look like they are planning on fixing it before they push update to live servers.
  7. The amount its slowed down by varies depending on the optics magnification.
  8. If it's taking for ever cancel then ready back up. Works for me every time. Might have to do it more then once but its WAY faster
  9. Weird... it must only be you. They loaded the same for me.
  10. When I ads with a red dot or iron sight it seems fine. But once I ads with a scope it will do it.
  11. The way I fixed it is changing weapons and then pulling left trigger to ads with the gun you switched to and then it fixes it. P.s. it seems to only happen to me when I'm adsing with a scope. And I order for my way to work the gun you switch to from what I figured out has to either have a red dot on or adsing with iron sights.
  12. The only one in the color blind setting that will give you purple blood is the trighpone or how ever it's spelled one.
  13. To change colors you have to basicly kinda mix the 2 colors to make the color you want. Play with the slide bar to make the color you want. So you get what I'm saying change a value from 255 to 150 then the next one maybe to 100 and the 3rd 175. I don't know what color that will make so just play with it
  14. @PUBG_RoboDanjal I'm I'm xbox S Host connection issue right when it's about to load map. Have tried over 30 times to play. Will not get past player Que where players gather until you get on the plane.
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