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  1. Looks like I'll check back next patch as well. Keep kicking the can down the street and you will eventually run out of street.
  2. There was a time when we had flying cars in the desert so anything is possible.
  3. Hit us with a frame rate of 60fps. That will REALLY fool us.
  4. The current state of the game is the biggest joke..... April fool's or not.
  5. SMG's are designed for close quarter combat are they not? Logic would dictate that one would be able to strafe faster with something much smaller in your hands but hell logic is frowned upon in these parts so I will gracefully exit to lobby.
  6. Yay another m and k thread! It's been a few days. Let's go for 800 pages of discussion.
  7. Now why would you do that to that poor soul. It was obvious he was having car trouble or needed help changing a tire and you just wipe him out like that?
  8. After I get it 3 times in a row I just turn off quick join and play standard.
  9. I was referencing the x users because originally we could see all the buildings on the entire map from the plane. But we had to dumb that down for the OG xbox. Now on top of that not having your shite load in means you get free access to crate weapons before anyone else.
  10. What a slap in the face of X users. We have to deal with getting shot through walls. Now we have to deal with OG users getting CRATE WEAPONS before everyone else.
  11. My custom parachute would say: If you can read this, land somewhere else!
  12. I agree with your statement and have been saying it myself. Let's trim the fat off this steak that is PUBG It's time to remove: 1. The birds 2. The bugs flying around 3. Alot of the fixtures inside the houses can go. Noone's house has 10 tables and 3 stoves in it. 4. Trim the edges of the map. Example I don't care if I see mountains in the distance that can be reached. Feel free to add to my list as I'm sure there is more than can be trimmed.
  13. Your ex is trying to tell you that the server is red.
  14. Yea pubg isn't helping the addiction by saying "Why don't you go ahead and take 70 painkillers for a .0000001% chance at getting a new shirt"
  15. PUBG is the drug/alcohol minus the hangover
  16. Calling out weapons and gear would be ok but being able to "ping" enemies like the preteen arcade game Apex would ruin this game.
  17. Remember when people with the X could see all the buildings no matter where they were from the plane?........those were good times.
  18. Would love to check out all that new stuff I got with the free 20 levels but it is impossible to try and change outfits. Maybe if I pull up the customization screen and leave it open all night and come back to it in the morning all the clothes will be there.
  19. The skipping of the crates was driving me nuts. Glad I'm not the only one. It was like playing cat and mouse trying to get the crate I wanted.
  20. I outgunned a fellow with a Bizon vs. a M249 last night. Probably not a great accomplishment but I made sure my squad knew I was the shit.
  21. Mark my words, there will be baby cries for the nerfing of the bizon to tollow.......stay tuned.
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