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  1. No noob tubes on pubg. This is coming from an avid noob tuber on CoD.
  2. It is currently happening to us right now. Weve backed out like 10 times.
  3. Nice doubles! What do you have your Aim Acceleration set to and your 1X scope sensitivity set to currently? I am currently struggling with close quarters. Wasn't an issue until this update.
  4. I honestly think before we start voting the next featured map should be Mirimar. Every other map had their chance! After Mirimar is featured, then we should go to a voting system.
  5. I feel it should be Mirimar because every other map has been featured!
  6. Yea let's steal some more ideas from Apex. Maybe special abilities. I want to shit smoke when someone starts shooting at me.
  7. David is the inventor of the line break. Apparently if you name a thread David, it eliminates the need for any line breaks.
  8. PUBG mobile also has team deathmatch which is a nice change of pace.
  9. There is a saying I keep in my mind every single game: "Some people just want to watch the world burn." I assume everyone is this type of person in game and thus trust no one.
  10. I believe on PUBG mobile when you pick up a gun it comes already loaded with 30 rounds. Probably not a good idea for console though.
  11. I'm more annoyed by the "jump fragging." Totally realistic that if you jump you can throw a grenade a mile.
  12. Ah yes Goldeneye! I wonder if Goldeneye was not inverted if I would be playing with invert turned off today.
  13. Battery life on the Plantronics 800s is insane.
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