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  1. Pike_Hunter

    Weapon Wheel

    Is this before or after you get off your horse?
  2. Pike_Hunter

    Wackyjacky video PC PTS

    DEFAULT FIRE MODE OPTION!!!!!!!! The pubg gods have answered my prayers and sacrifices.
  3. Pike_Hunter

    Vikendi is Not Good

    Time to bring the anti-camping device to Vikendi.......the noob tube. Tree/rock huggers beware.
  4. Pike_Hunter


    This was the first update that was a step backwards for me. I'm sure everyone has an opinion on this but that is mine....
  5. Pike_Hunter


    The ssd is what improves the performance. Otherwise it's like giving a muscle relaxer to a guy with ED.
  6. Pike_Hunter

    Wackyjacky video PC PTS

    Everyone knows night mode won't render on xbox and we will be stuck with late afternoon mode.
  7. Pike_Hunter

    Did anyone win the holiday poem event?

    Settle down you will get your rugged beige kar98 skin in due time.
  8. It's honestly time to leave the OG Xbox in the dust and not hold back the X. Rendering was perfect on the X. You could see the whole damn map from the plane but no we had to dumb that down.
  9. Pike_Hunter

    Lobby Failures | Defect

    When you hit "Play" to ready up and pubg says "How bout you crash to the dashboard instead."
  10. Pike_Hunter

    Vikendi is Not Good

    Just my opinion but I think the way the circle operates on that map really promotes camping. When the next circle is only 100m away you can just camp until it starts moving.
  11. Pike_Hunter

    FPP Slider

    So FPP is now wide angle belly button simulator?
  12. Pike_Hunter


    I could not be happier with it. It will run fine on your S. I have 2 squadmates that bought it as well.
  13. Pike_Hunter

    "oh,the things you'll break" challenge guide!

    Mission complete.
  14. Pike_Hunter


    https://www.amazon.com/Samsung-T5-Portable-SSD-MU-PA1T0B/dp/B073H552FK/ref=sr_1_2?keywords=samsung%2Bt5&qid=1548191894&sr=8-2&th=1 I run this one.
  15. Pike_Hunter

    Screen flickering, game won't work

    This is the fix. A recent xbox update forced this box checked. Unchecking it fixed it for me as well.