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  1. I this might be a stupid question but is wired better than wireless? And do they all plug into your controller if they are wired? Because I can't have something running from my Xbox to my couch. I have multiple animals and I know something would happen eventually.
  2. The way to look at it is if she happens to have a hobby spend a little bit more on it for her. Then she can't complain. LOL. This has became my hobby and my husband's hobby is RC cars. Which is a way more expensive hobby than what this is. So in the end we're both happy.
  3. I have the turtle Beach stealth 700 and from what everybody saying I think I'll just stick with those for now. I saw they were coming out with the 800 and maybe in a couple months if the price comes down I may upgrade to those. I really do like the turtle Beach. I just wanted to know or see if there was anything better out there. I'm still fairly new to the Xbox gaming and the only game I really play is pubg. Thank you all for responding and helping me out
  4. I have the Turtle Beach Stealth 700 right now. I don't use the mic much but when I do it doesn't want to work. LOL
  5. I'm looking to get a new headset for my Xbox one. Wireless. And was wondering what everybody here used? Just trying to get some ideas. Cuz my birthday is coming up and that's what I want to get. 😁
  6. Sorry this might be a stupid question but I just exceeded level 70 and was wanting to know how do you see your rewards past that? Because mine stops at 70 page 14 of 14. And since you said you were at level 107 I thought you might know. TY!
  7. Is anyone else not getting credit for getting top 10 in solo's? I know I have some it 2 times in the last 24 hours, which would have given me the 3 I needed to complete that one. If I remember correctly in the beginning of Survivor Pass 3 it did the same thing with this exact same mission.
  8. Is anytime having problems with not getting credit for things they accomplish. Example: on the weekly missions get top 10 three times. I have done that 3 times in the last cpl days. Also not getting the bandages used either.
  9. Hello, I have to say I'm so glad to hear someone say what I tell myself all the time. I'm also not the greatest. I try really hard but it never works out. I have gotten a cpl chicken dinners but not while trying to play aggressive. I have my fav guns and places to land on each map. I'm not very confident in duos or squads. If you ever want to learn together look me up tortilover76.
  10. I need help! I purchased the $9.99 pack on the Survivor Pass 3, got the 1600 G coins. I used 1000 of them to upgrade to the premium. It's not unlocking the premium content to receive. Everything is still locked.
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