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  1. spanker63

    Ghillie Suit on Vikendi

    We're good. No worries.
  2. spanker63

    Ghillie Suit on Vikendi

    Lol!!! Whatever you need to tell yourself. Personally, I thought I was being the one with an open mind here. Also... I don't expect you to understand this, but anybody who uses the term "snowflake" while not speaking of the weather, is not open minded.
  3. spanker63

    Ghillie Suit on Vikendi

    No conspiracy theories here. I just try not to say somebody is lying unless I know for sure. I don't know for sure. I see how andy's comment leaned toward it not being there, but it wasn't confirmed. If I made all my personal decisions based on implications only, I'd be in a rough spot.
  4. spanker63

    Ghillie Suit on Vikendi

    I understand that the Ghillie suit is not a world item, but I do understand a Ghillie suit is not in every drop, because it's RANDOM. Also, I said you implied that he was a liar. Not believing somebody who says they are telling the truth is implying that they are a liar. I'm sorry you don't understand this. You need to work on how you speak to people. Your shit attitude isn't going to help you much in life.
  5. spanker63

    Ghillie Suit on Vikendi

    He said he had it. You said he didn't. You implied he was not telling the truth. That is calling somebody a liar. You do realize that all loot is randomly generated? Regardless of how many times you played vikendi (also regardless to whether or not you play at a "decent" level) the loot (drops included) is random. So if you've seen the map in it's entirety it does not mean you know where and when loot will be generated from game to game. This game has a lot to do with luck of the draw. It's possible that you just weren't lucky enough to see it. Perhaps Andy will chime in and clear this up. If not... GET OVER IT. Do I know if he had the suit? No. Do I know if it was on PTS? No. Are you acting like an ass? Yes.
  6. spanker63

    The graphics are terrible now

    They added the resolution option to help with loading. Less pixels = less loading. You alright?
  7. spanker63

    Xbox Update #4 - Feedback Topic

    Have you heard how AMAZING an SSD is in terms of PubG?
  8. spanker63

    Ghillie Suit on Vikendi

    So YOU don't experience or see something and it doesn't exist? Come on man... you can't just call somebody a liar with no proof. If Andy comes back and says it wasn't on the pts, then you have a leg to stand on.
  9. spanker63

    Building Rendering on Vikendi

    Buildings load from your harddrive. So harddrive speed is critical, it directly affects building rendering.
  10. spanker63

    FPP dead and gone after patch :(

    somebody had the same issue and restarted their xbox after the install. I believe that cleared up that issue.
  11. spanker63


    That was one hell of a shot.
  12. spanker63

    Individual Map Selection

    I'm not sure. Looks like you'd have to play it out then. The only reason I said to quit out while in the plane is that you may have a better chance of getting into a different lobby. I may be wrong though.
  13. spanker63

    Individual Map Selection

    So would only playing one map. That's my argument. Each map makes you play differently. Shouldn't the community be ranked regarding to performance on all maps or just the ones each person likes more? They could also just wait for the timer to start in the lobby, then it won't count as a death.
  14. spanker63

    Stat snobs

    The sad reality is that some people just don't get that this is a GAME. I'm with you axe. Those kind of people suck.
  15. spanker63

    Quick Suggestion

    You'll have that. You're always going to have immature people blaming anything but themselves for dying in a game.