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  1. spanker63


    Since April. It's been a long haul. I've gotten dinners in duo and squad before, but the solo dinner had eluded me up until this past weekend. Like I said... lots of 2nds and 3rds.
  2. If you pause it at 0:19, you can see his head through the window off to the left hand side. He timed his movements perfectly.
  3. spanker63

    Got my first Molotov kill today

    That was pretty awesome, well done.
  4. So how does one small location (that you aren't required to go to) ruin an entire map? Also... regarding the auto and single shot issue... are you applying your changes or just changing them and exiting settings without applying?
  5. spanker63

    Next Update might be on APRIL 9th?

    You must be a real "pick me up" at parties.
  6. After nearly a year and 600+ solo matches (so many frustrating 2nd and 3rd places), i finally got my solo chicken dinner. It was like trying to capture a goddamn unicorn. I practically woke up the entire house hootin and hollerin at 1:30 am. Surprisingly, my wife was much less ecstatic than i was... go figure.
  7. spanker63

    Player Base

    LOL I noticed that. I was in the process of replying when it got locked. Arch nemesis? That's no way to refer to somebody you have such a high regard for. 😁
  8. spanker63

    Player Base

    Personally, I gauge the health of the game by how fast my queue goes. Others may base it off of communication with devs, amount of updates/hotfixes, forum activity, etc. If chose whether or not I played based off of reactions here on the forum, I'd never play. But... I'm still having loads of fun, as are the guys I play with. To me... that's really the only thing I'll base my decisions off.
  9. spanker63

    Just another night of PUBG!

    whoah… that is some bs right there.
  10. spanker63

    Player Base

    That site only compares the people who have gone to the site and have been analyzed. I'm assuming the majority of the player base hasn't done so or even knows the stats site exists. It's mostly us diehards. Yeah... it has me ranked 73rd in solos for the US. That's a total crock of sh!t. 😂
  11. spanker63

    That boring map selection thread

    I wasn't referring to me. Go look at my stats if you think rank matters to me. I'm freakin' TERRIBLE at this game. To some it does matter though. Sometimes before you give one group of people what they want, you have to pay attention to how it affects others and what they want. Every single thing these devs do or add to the game makes some happy and pisses others off. If they want this to be a primary E sports game... then they better take into account how certain decisions affect things like rank. I don't get frustrated over video games. I understand how some do, but frustration and stress caused by entertainment isn't worth it to me. How does anybody find that entertaining?? Maybe you shouldn't assume so much off a couple sentences read on a forum. The problem is that the pubg player base is beginning to shrink. Especially on Xbox. One way to have map selection without affecting rank would be to have an unranked mode just like halo used to have. That would fracture and split up the player base though... leading to longer queue times and angry players. Splitting map selection by map size would be the way to go... but it will still split the player base. Some will like it, some won't. Personally I go to quick join and just enjoy whatever I get. I think I'm in the minority on that one though.
  12. spanker63

    OK..just shoot me now..J/K

    Most of the time, when I'm "practicing"... I'm shooting other individuals that I don't know. I usually just try to get blood and then adjust my aim based on where I see the wound that's left behind. I can't imagine how annoying it would be to try and do my own thing while constantly being downed. A designated area would be cool, but you would have to add quite a bit of real estate to incorporate things you would see in an actual game (cover, terrain, etc.).
  13. spanker63

    OK..just shoot me now..J/K

    You can shoot people... why would you need to see them go down? I go in and check how to keep recoil in check and what attachments I want. Getting shot while trying to do all of that is annoying enough. If I got knocked constantly, practice mode would be absolutely worthless.
  14. spanker63


    He's pretty pumped about using his mouse and keyboard while others use controllers.
  15. spanker63

    That boring map selection thread

    My ranking theory is not irrelevant. If player A only plays Sanhok… and player B plays all maps and they both have the same stats... player B has shown to be the better player by being consistent in more scenarios and maps than player A. Therefore their rank should be higher. Devs design the game how they want it to be played... you're stuck with that regardless of what your entitled ass thinks. What other ranked games have true individual map selection? I've seen some games that may have a voting system in the lobby, but not true map selection unless it's based in a custom game mode.