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  1. I'll take the win any day. Mainly because I'm starving for wins. Like a Gandhi level of starving.
  2. Just couldn't help yourself, eh?
  3. If you die the same way over and over, it's you who needs to change the way you play. Adapt!!!
  4. Yeah, I did it like 15 times before I realized.
  5. I'll check out the second video later, I'm at work at the moment. As for the mission not counting... when you healed, you failed the mission even though you had made the top ten. You have to FINISH the game with 1 kill, top 10, and no heals/boosts. Ask me how I know lol. I am familiar with your struggle.
  6. You can't heal at all during the game to get that mission. As for the med kit, in my opinion, you moved too much a hair too early, which cancelled out the med kit.
  7. Sure is... I've been taking full advantage of Erangel being the featured map.
  8. Sick of playing erangel?? Choose standard. IT CAN'T BE THAT HARD!!!
  9. It seems that you're confusing fact with opinion. It's getting old for you... that is the fact. I don't find the br genre to be getting old at all. As far as I can tell, it's only just begun.
  10. You're totally right. May I suggest all enemies wear collars with cat bells?
  11. This. There are other priorities to take care of first.... But, like he said, I could care less, but I could see some people abusing it and making certain problems worse than they already are.
  12. The game YOU wanted? lol!!! A bit smug aren't we? I don't think he did. I believe you failed to make one. This game runs SO much better than it did in the early days. As for all of the other additions, they should not affect your play in any way. The additions they've made (emotes, skins, etc) are only there if you WANT to use them. As an adult, you can choose to play simply or with all the bell's and whistles. I don't use any of that stuff, so why would people who DO want to use that stuff change the way I play?
  13. wait..... this is just a game??!
  14. Same here. It's an excellent warm up.
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