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  1. I haven't been spoiled with the graphics upgrade that comes with the X. I was out of video gaming for a good 10 years before I was gifted the Xbox1S for my birthday back in February of 2018. When I fired up the S I was used to 360 graphics, so I was blown away by what I saw. I guess my spoiling will begin with the next gen consoles.
  2. Not True.... The game runs great on an Xbox1S with an SSD. All buildings are loaded in completely about 5-10 seconds after I jump from the plane. I can clip it if you don't believe me.
  3. I'm with you on this one. I don't get all the loot complaints. I seem to find things fairly quickly. It may not be completely decked out, but that isn't always necessary either.
  4. I've gotta say... I've had this happen once, and it was only when my internet crapped out.
  5. Were you not hugged enough as a child? Like they said above... you can still see your lifetime stats if that's your thing. Personally, I don't think lifetime stats really mean that much. I'm a much better player now (I still suck though, but much less) than when I began. I like seeing the progress I've made season to season rather than have my early stats bog down any progress I've made so far.
  6. Golf Club 2019 is great... i'm splitting my time evenly now. I honestly can't believe they gave it away on games with gold.
  7. Without video proof, it's just an accusation... and pretty much worthless.
  8. Only got to play 2 games, but i got destroyed!
  9. Ive been splitting my time between pubg and the golf club 2019... closest thing to tiger woods from years back. Pubg is still tops though, no game gives the rush as pubg does.
  10. Same here, but not everybody is going to get one... even though they should.
  11. I'm not sure what the point of 60 FPS is if the game doesn't render. Do you want to watch your character fall through a map at 60 FPS?
  12. This is probably as good a spot as any. @HaroldBrock, will you be posting the lobby and password in this thread? Or in another?
  13. That feature is not available for xbox.
  14. I think this is the case too. It makes logical sense from a business perspective. Why pour resources into a product that isn't making enough as another product?
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