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  1. I would like an option like the crosshair color change. Put that towards circle, direction to circle and all sights. Have it in settings just like the crosshair color, so you can change it quickly in pre jump lobby if you're playing all maps. If you like in white for erangel and sanhok but change to another color for mirmar and vikendi. I would also like a reticle change of shape and color on sights/scopes, reason why the 4x scope crosshair is different on 7.62 gun than a 5.56 gun (personally like the 7.62 4x crosshair on it). Easier said than actually doing it, but I think its very possible to do. If we are able to change the shape of the red dot and the colors of halo, 2x and 3x (green to purple). I think this is very possible for all sights. Just an idea.
  2. nevermind on exiting the vehicle. I'm stupid.
  3. Bug Description: 2 bug issues with buttons 1. I have noticed that after I specate a another player and wish to leave afterwards your have to hold down the menu button now. Use to be just press it and it comes up. 2. I got on a bike by just a single tap of X, but to get off I had to press it several times until I held it down to exit the bike. Even switching seats I had to hold the A button down before I exit Location: Sanhok Evidence: N/A Replication: Xbox One Version: Xbox One S Connection: Wired Game Mode: TPP Solo
  4. Xbox 1 S SSD Wired connection same problem here with Type B. video to help. went through all the settings to boost it, still didn't work. Type A seems a little funny but not the same issues with Type B. video is Type B 8-12-2018_11-34-45_PM bad sensitivity after ads in type bTrim.mp4
  5. Xbox 1 S I've had it crash launching the game and in game. When launching the game it just took me back to PUBG title screen. IN-Game I got kicked to the dashboard, and when I came back rendering took along time. The ground was black dirt, mountains were a very dark red, that was it for a good 20 seconds, also my AKM I was holding was invisible lol. When it happens there's a lag a few seconds before it happens or just freezes. Usually happens when I'm running, haven't noticed if opening the map or inventory effected it though. game crash probably happened 3 or 4 times in a about 5 hours of gameplay.
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