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  1. Harold Brock


    Can I private message them to you? I’d rather not show all information publicly.
  2. Harold Brock


    Why aren’t the leaderboards updating? When this new leaderboard was announced, I thought PUBG Corp. said it would be refreshed every 2 hours. It’s been almost a week with no refresh. I’m sitting at 24th in Duo’s but I really have 7,057 SP and should be 10th. I have no motivation to play currently, other than to be #1. @Takarii @PUBG_Andymh5 @PUBG_RoboDanjal
  3. I disagree. I have 500,000 BP and almost every item I want. If they lower the rarity of items, everyone will have them. I want to be rewarded for playing a lot, playing well and earning a lot of BP. I like the drop rates in crates as they are.
  4. Harold Brock

    Load / Render

    No. I play for leaderboards. I’m not landing Castle, recording it, uploading it and then sharing it here. I gain nothing from that.
  5. Harold Brock

    Load / Render

    Are we just going to ignore how you called me names and was sexist? But you bring up, PUBG is past “due”, good players get noticed, you don’t know names. Right.
  6. Harold Brock

    Load / Render

    You can call me names if you want. But you said I play like a girl? That’s sexist. How do girls play? Watching Dancud, Lurn and Lumi play, they’ much better than me and most of the community.
  7. Harold Brock

    Load / Render

    The Xbox One X does not need a solid state drive to play PUBG. I land at Castle, Los Leones and Yasnaya Polyana without issue. An SSD would help every game load better sure, but it’s not NEEDED.
  8. Harold Brock

    Load / Render

    Hey man. First post? Thanks for sharing. Upgrade your hardware. You can’t expect a 11/01/2013 console (Xbox One OG) to run an updated 2019 game (patch 5 released 03/05/2019. I have an Xbox One X and no rendering issues.
  9. Harold Brock


    FPP players are better at gun fights because the crosshair of their weapon is always aimed where a player could be. TPP players stare at the ground with their crosshair looting, or stare at a wall / tree / rock and wall hack to look around it. FPP players hardly have to move the crosshair while shooting. TPP players hve to adjust a lot. The skill gap is wide. FPP = hard mode. TPP = easy mode
  10. Harold Brock


    Truth is the brand new players and the trash players love TPP because it evens the skill gap with three peeking (wall hacks). FPP is essentially a hardcore more with a more even playstyle that favors skill more than camera positioning. FPP is far more competitive as far as skill. TPP is easy mode.
  11. Harold Brock

    Event mode?

    I’ve always wanted a Solo Event mode where ALL weapons (QBZ, QBU, G36C, DP-28, AUGA3, M249, Groza, Mk14, AWM) spawned in the world on ALL maps.
  12. Harold Brock

    Premium challenge "stop in red zone"

    I’m proud of you. Smart, tactical, sneaky is the way to go. I’ve had about 8-10 top 5 finishes today, playing stealthy. Love it. Lemme know if you wanna duo man.
  13. Harold Brock

    Survival Points/ Season Rewards

    I have 6,975 SP with 245:17:24 playtime this season. #24th on leaderboards but they haven’t updated in almost 5 days (supposed to be every 2 hours). Wins and top 10 rate are the main contributors I’ve found. A guy one spot higher than me on leaderboards has a k/d literally 10 points higher but my top 10 rate is 3 points higher than his. SP = Survival Points
  14. Harold Brock

    Do you need help?

    I’m on now, for a duo or two. Love it. Let me know.
  15. Harold Brock

    Do you need help?

    I heard he’s a good player but he brags and over exaggerates things as a persona to stand out in a crowded field of generic players.