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  1. I hear rumblings, “Is he alive?”, “Where has he gone?”, “Did he get banned?”, “Did he get the job he applied for?”, “Where is the G.O.A.T.?” I’m here and I’m still the best. Never forget. I’m taking a short hiatus from PUBG, the game I love, the game that loves me. So, Thumbless HaHa, yCritic, MajorClagNut, Fingerless Aimrobot, keep my seat warm. See you in a few months. I’ll be back. - Mr. 300 IQ Play aka. The G.O.A.T. aka. The best there was, the best there is and the best there ever will be.
  2. Due to low turn out in our players, low viewership numbers, low demand and low popularity outside of the forums, I’m not hosting the Official PUBG Forum Games anymore. They were super fun, great memories. Maybe we can do it again, in the future. I’m sorry. I love you guys.
  3. Saturday June 15 2pm Los Angeles 4pm Chicago 5pm New York 10pm London Erangel - Rain - FPP Miramar - Sunrise - TPP Sanhok - Overcast - TPP
  4. Thank you. Probably the best compliment I’ve ever received. “You make the game look so easy, it’s like you are playing against actors.”
  5. Other way around, I got a knock with an AKM, you killed with me a Tommy Gun. Villa was really active. GG
  6. This is true. I knocked your teammate with a Tommy Gun,I think you killed me with an AKM. I was furious.
  7. And JaJa thinks he’s good. Psshhh. No-one has clips killing me like this.
  8. Let’s keep that going. King Harold, The First of His Name, King of the Andals and the First Men, Lord of the Six Kingdom’s and the Protector of the Realm, The Prince That Was Promised ...
  9. Thanks man. I hit the Dacia. I was trying to blow it up, it was on fire.
  10. Let me just confirm, one more time, for the doubters, who the Greatest Of All Time is. Top 10 situation, I’m forced out of my gas station by the bluezone and I seek refuge with a Dacia at the edge of zone, using an embankment on the coast because my map knowledge is through the roof. I see an enemy healing 300m away, M24 to the chest, 5 remain. Waiting for the right moment, as zone pushes, I reposition to zone edge, holding a tree, parking my Dacia, as cover from the remaining players. Cars and trucks circling, shots banging off in every direction, I remain level headed. 150m away, a rogue Dacia rams a player, throwing him back 50m. I ADS and immediately switch focus to the Dacia, heading my way. I M24 the car, then spray it down with my M762. Easy clap. Two players engage at the edge of zone, knowing the ghillie player has all Lv. 3 gear and the second player is low health from the car collision, I prioritize the ghillie and delete him from the server with an M7 two tap. I’m way better. Now only 3 alive. Locate him at 120 degrees, ready my M24. Prone gamer alert! Sound the alarm! I M24 him in the chest as only one enemy remains. The UAZ is headed directly toward me as I prime the greatest grenade ever thrown in PUBG. I aim 210 degrees and as the UAZ swerves to avoid the oncoming onslaught, I flick grenade throw at 175 degrees and explode him out of the car, to win the game. Is there no-one else?
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