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  1. Cobra64

    Switching to pc..

    They have really cracked down on cheaters on pc. There is not nearly as many as there used to be. Still is.. But not as many. But thanks I will. Have fun with 30fps, bad graphics, And piss poor performance
  2. Cobra64

    Switching to pc..

    I'll take 120+ fps. Better quality/graphics, and overall performance. And no M&K vs. Controller, Any day. Even if it means running into occasional cheaters. At least they actually get banned, unlike on xbox where they don't even bat an eye. Because ya know it's "un-hackable" too each their own though.
  3. So i know this post is gonna get alot of hate, but idc. Hate away.. I've had this game since day 1 on xbox. And i used to play it constantly. Was in top 100 NA at one point.. And loved it. But with all the issues. Lack of communication with devs, 30fps, Shit not rendering, Desync, lag. Mouse and keyboarders... So many more to add... I'm over it.. all I see is people complaining about this and that on the Xbox forums.. So Ive decided to build a PC. Pc gets everything first. More games.. which are cheaper. Dont have to pay for online subscription.. level playing field. No controller vs M&K.. the list goes on. my pc build has an i5 9600k processor. And rtx 2060 gpu. 1200$ build in total. Goodbye 30fps. Hello 120+ fps. This game on xbox is what drove me to build a pc. So if your sick of poor performance on xbox, I highly recommend others build a pc, if it's in your budget. Even a 600$ build will get you much better performance. It's 10x better. That's all. Peace Xbox forums.✌
  4. Cobra64


    Just turn it off and up your sensitivity. I hate aim accel. & turned that crap off as soon as they upped the sense. Takes a bit to rework your muscle memory though.
  5. It could be personal preferance. I didnt like the beryl much at first. But I've been using it in "burst fire mode" recently. Recoil seems wayy easier to control. its surprisingly pretty acurate at medium range. Especially when fully decked out. And it still shoots just as fast as full auto if you spam the trigger. my new favorite setup now.
  6. Cobra64

    HDR Brightness issue

    I play on the one s, 4k tv. also had the high brightness issue. Untill I switched to 1080p and disabled 4k and hdr.. After I did that, the brightness level went wayyy down. I know people have been saying this is placebo. it doesnt do anything. But it really helped with the insanely high brightness for me on the one s.