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  1. Inimini315

    Let's face it

    Playing since release and long time forum member and I love(d) the game but I have to say that slowly frustration wins over fun in pubg. I'm not a developer but is it really that hard to regularly update the game and optimize it? Most other developers seem to be able to do that.
  2. Inimini315

    Hahaaaaa!! I see that Apex has already become Fortnite

    Calling it crap and not even played it. Haters gonna hate I guess? You're missing out on a fun, fast paced, well optimized & free to play game.
  3. Inimini315

    Hahaaaaa!! I see that Apex has already become Fortnite

    Back to the drawing board for delivering a unique battle Royale with multiple new mechanics added to the genre? The game is a lot about fluid and fast mobility so yeah jumping is part of that. A game that includes jumping and shooting at the same time = Fortnite?! Pubg could learn a lot from Apex in my opinion.
  4. Inimini315

    Get rid of custom games

    Lack of options? If all you want is playing a specific map then custom games do the trick. Never experienced a different frame rate lag in customs compared to regular matches.
  5. Inimini315

    Get rid of custom games

    How about you use custom games to play the map you prefer? Oh it doesn't add to your soooo important stats to show your friends.
  6. Inimini315

    An Update: 7 days no play

    I'm a very aggressive player so Apex is really really fun for me. It's definitely different than pubg but after having this smooth and fun experience it's hard to come back to Pubg. Especially when Apex already introduces the battle pass in March with new characters, skins, weapons, etc.
  7. Inimini315

    How/Can I change weapon skins in-game?

    Starting to think you are just a troll account.
  8. Inimini315

    Scavenger Hunt Winners

    Damn you beat me to it. Uploaded it about 10 min after the challenge was posted congratulations Sure you don't want the blanket? Maybe then I'm next in line for the hoodie
  9. Inimini315

    Scavenger Hunt Winners

    Which ones did you win? I thought I got good chances for #9 but apparently not
  10. Inimini315

    PUBG is dying again at the hands of Apex

    Apex is actually really good. And it's surprising how good it runs directly at release. In my opinion it's a very solid BR and it introduces some great new aspects to the BR genre. It's not really comparable to PUBG though.
  11. Are you spamming play once the game launched or you just finished a match? When I start the game there's always a red "OC" sign next to the play button. Wait about 10 seconds and it disappears. After that it always puts mit either in my preferred region (EU) or sometimes NA if EU takes too long. But never OC. I think a lot of people press start while the red sign is still there. The game needs a few seconds to figure out which region you are.
  12. Damn it totally forgot there's no 29th. Stupid me
  13. Inimini315

    PUBG falling behind?

    I tried it yesterday and it's actually really fun. Not the typical Battle royale Game for sure. It has a lot of interesting new mechanics in the game.
  14. Inimini315

    No change servers option on Xbox One?

    No there is no option to choose the region by yourself. When you start up the game or just finished a match there's always a red "OC" sign next to the play button. Wait about ten seconds and it disappears. At least for me, after the red OC sign is gone it puts me mostly in the correct region. Are you waiting until the OC sign disappears or do you always press play while it is still there?