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  1. Prime skins = Free. Streamer skins are paid and microsoft gets a cut from every microtransaction on their plattform, that's what restricts us from getting them. Thanks for downvoting me but Andy pretty much confirmed what i said was right.
  2. Well yeah because it's free and you need to be Amazon Prime Member. So the only one profiting is still Amazon.
  3. Twitch streamer skins will most likely never come to xbox. I imagine PUBG has to do some deals with Amazon/Twitch to get the skins in the game and since Microsoft is a competitor why should Amazon give the skins away and allow Microsoft to profit from them aswell? Only thing i could imagine if that some popular MIxer streamer could get their skins in the game. But Twitch never.
  4. Inimini315

    Mouse and keyboard support for xbox one

    It is already generally supported on xbox but the developer of each game decide if they want to use it or not. Pubg doesn't allow it. They would need to make new servers for m&k only and that would split the player base even more and make waiting times longer.
  5. Inimini315

    Next map in Chernobyl

    Erangel has a lot of influence and actual buildings from Chernobyl.
  6. Inimini315

    Mouse and keyboard on xbox??

    Using m&k in Pubg is cheating. Don't do it. It's no accomplishment if you win while using m&k.
  7. Inimini315

    New crate

    Misread that. Sorry
  8. Inimini315

    New crate

    All items I purchased were 2000BP for those of you who are interested but didn't have the time to check it out yet.
  9. Inimini315

    New crate

  10. Inimini315

    New crate

    They do have certain items which you can buy with BP as well. It's not just the crate.
  11. Inimini315

    Time for an SSD?

    An SSD is overall well worth it in my opinion. It cuts down the loading times for alot of games such as Battlefield, GTA, Anthem, etc. Before I had an SSD I was never able to take a tank in Battlefield because I was always the last one to load in the game. Now I'm on of the first ones in a match. So it's not just good for PUBG ;)
  12. The 20 level up yes. But not the coupons you earn in the season pass to buy cosmetics.
  13. Inimini315

    NA or EU

    EU !
  14. Inimini315

    Should the game length be shortened?

    The game lenght is pretty much tied to the size of the map. Apex and Fortnite maps are much smaller than Erangel and Miramar. But I think with Vikendi and Sanhok, which are both smaller and have shorter matches, we have quite a good mix now of different experiences.
  15. Inimini315


    You probably have the wrong TV settings and that's why it is cutting off some of the edges of your screen. You should be able to adjust it in your TV settings menu.