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  1. if it is on a steep slope they always slide like every single time
  2. correct much much less over 100s of meters
  3. the vector9 spits though. Don't know why you wouldn't like it
  4. The M24 is statistically better then the K98 but I choose the K98 almost every time over the M24 unless I have extended mag and sometimes that sways me to M24. I like the way the K98 feels and less bullet drop. This shot for example would probably have landed at the guys legs or hip. K98 is money on the head https://xboxclips.com/XxESCxXLUKE1333/5ae3cafb-d49a-4b8b-a357-d23217d0d96e
  5. is awm 1 shot kill to a level 2 chest piece then or no?
  6. So was team killed a couple days ago one game and today the first two I played! First game two guys on the squad took out one teammate and then me! For no reason then next game I dropped right beside team at school and they went to four little houses to the north. I pull up in uaz and they start shooting at me! Took a little damage and shot tire on uaz. Did not get out of us because figured they would just kill me. Drove around complex in circles and guy keeps shooting Kar at me then another used dp28. So I said screw it ran one over and then eventually all of them. So let me guess I'll end up getting banned too? I have most of it on recording and I'm sure pubg can see that I didn't fire a shot until they fired at me right?? Funny thing is I ended up getting 5th and having 4 nasty knocks with the kar98 and was overall a fun game and sad thing is with even a decent 4 or 3 man squad we maybe could have won it! Last few clips are here of headshots and driving around while getting shot at lol https://xboxclips.com/Xxescxxluke1333
  7. I agree with that. Radar is much more prevalent from what I can tell. I am curious how you can tell if somebody is using a mouse when playing? I have some crazy aim shots and cannot stand a mouse. If i did have mouse I would build a pc
  8. it is just the code i believe for the game not the engine
  9. I will play with you so is that around 8/9 PM EST?? I usually play around 9 pm est til about 11 or midnight depending on how I am doing LOL
  10. Oh ok cool just like the 6 and 8x?
  11. FPP is dead unless it's the weekend or late at night through the week. I switched from TPP to FPP but sometimes you have to play TPP or you will be waiting 5 mins for a FPP lobby with 45 players in it. Boring lol
  12. Yes I noticed the new pc update this morning. We can't even get the ump45 and vector 9 but PC already has multiple updates after this. I'm sure a Dev will reply soon and say they appreciate our patience and working on a new update but has bugs still and trying to perfect it before they bring the console update out. Then a year from now the update will come up and require a hotfix to fix something that wasn't broken before update and then we will still be 30 updates behind PC forever!
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