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  1. XxESCxXLUKE1333


    Quick match is vikendi, standard is miramar or erangel rarely sanhok
  2. XxESCxXLUKE1333

    Fix the freaking 4 times scope please

    I still think you should be able to pick your 4x reticle like you can for 3x or red dot etc etc
  3. XxESCxXLUKE1333

    Grenade kills mission

    i got 3 of 5 randomly by stopping and looting during red zone lol
  4. XxESCxXLUKE1333

    Update already

    I have an external hdd and returned my ssd because it was minimal difference if any at all. I had no issues until the last update. Multiple guys i play with every night have an ssd and we all load into the lobby within a few seconds of each other, usually 30 seconds or more. All the buildings are loaded before we all hit the ground though but we still have lag, vehicles floating or going underneath the map. The game needs fixed, the SSD is not the fix all that everybody claims it to be. Don't get me wrong I still play game almost daily and love it but it could be so much better!
  5. XxESCxXLUKE1333

    Kar98 clips

    wish i could play against people that suck this bad
  6. XxESCxXLUKE1333

    Show Me Your Fav Grenade Kills

  7. XxESCxXLUKE1333

    Show Me Your Fav Grenade Kills

    KOBE https://xboxclips.com/XxESCxXLUKE1333/18d0f316-693c-4e5f-9bed-54c7a8696ab4
  8. XxESCxXLUKE1333

    Make AUG a common spawn

    No way, aug needs to stay in crate. So much more stable then anything else in game. Same with groza, fire rate is so fast needs to remain in crate
  9. how are you monitoring fps then on xbox?
  10. XxESCxXLUKE1333

    Xbox - January 30 Hotfix Feedback Topic

    Yeah I don't get it. Rendering on Vikendi was fine for me on pts but now on live servers rendering is awful, which I don't get! I have also experienced getting shot in cover or putting a clip into somebody and I only take one shot and their health is almost perfect still! Needs fixing bad! No idea what happened but it got worse that's for sure!
  11. XxESCxXLUKE1333

    New map more boring than Miramar?

    agreed. it needs to be just a hair longer circles then sanhok. they are too long right now imo especially the first one that is 5 mins!
  12. XxESCxXLUKE1333

    New (broken) freefall/parachuting - why?

    videos or i dont believe it lol
  13. XxESCxXLUKE1333

    Climbing Through Windows

    This is so true. When you are all alone and go to jump into a window it works flawlessly. Five minutes later in a heated battle you stand there and jump like five times before you go into the window if you are still alive lol
  14. XxESCxXLUKE1333

    Ghillie Suit on Vikendi

    get on a snow covered hill!!!
  15. XxESCxXLUKE1333

    Ghillie Suit on Vikendi

    I agree, i probably hit that many as well and never saw one. Mobile and pc had brown and white ones. So are they in live servers??