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  1. xXEasterBunnyXx

    Headset recommendations???

    Plantronics Rig 800LX
  2. xXEasterBunnyXx

    Pubg vs blackout...

    You have to have the dolby access app and have paid for it, or have a headset that came with a code. Go to settings and then audio settings. Then you can select the headset output mode. Dolby access may not appear if you don't have the Dolby Access app. You can download the app and get a free 14 trial to test it out and see if you like it. I use it and it is fantastic.
  3. xXEasterBunnyXx

    Pubg vs blackout...

    Many people changed their headset output settings to stereo for better directional sound with PUBG. When playing blackout be sure to utilize Dolby Atmos or Microsoft Sonic for better directional/spacial audio.
  4. xXEasterBunnyXx

    September 18th Hotfix Feedback Topic

    Setup Xbox One X Wired Fiber Internet External USB 3 HDD Sony 55" 4K HDR NOT a fresh install with the hotfix Experience Sanhok was an absolute blast to play. It ran smoothly, and I didn't experience any framerate drops or anything else detrimental to gameplay on that map. The gunlpay was fluid, and being able to fully enjoy the map again was wonderful. However, I'm still having some pretty significant rendering issues on my Xbox One X on Miramar. I really enjoy dropping in Hacienda, and if I'm not getting the "play-doh" building, including the pool area not being rendered, the furniture on the interior of the building isn't rendering. After the "Play-Doh" subsides, the buildings are fully accessible and lootable, but there is no furniture inside so you can get some pretty significant stuttering/bouncing around if you run into where furniture is trying to render, which can be frustrating if you're unlucky enough to not find a weapon right off and you are trying to escape in a hurry. One other thing I noticed is that the "floating guns and gear" bug is back. I don't necessarily mind it as it is not a game breaking issue, however, it can make it really easy for people to track other players down if they are trailing them and see their loadout just floating in the air which could give them the upper hand. Suggestion My suggestion would be to return the rendering logic to a previous state for users. A couple patches back, I had the ability to see hacienda, school, or novo fully rendered before even exiting the plane. This was wonderful because I could see weapons on rooftops atop crates as I approached the LZ and I could make a judgment call on where to land based on what weapons or gear are on a particular roof. With more recent patches this ability is completely gone except for a few times I've been able to do this on Erangel at Georgepool or School. I understand that the rendering logic was changed to accommodate OG users as well as X users so that no one could run through walls or see loot through walls, which is great and really did level the playing field. However, if you are able to adjust settings in a console specific way like you did with this hotfix that fixed many issues, could we also change the rendering logic back for X users so we don't have to struggle with "play-doh" and furniture not rendering? Conclusion I've not seen any negative things occur because of this hotfix, only positives. The framerates were wonderful on Sanhok and it was a joy to play. I enjoyed the fast-paced change from the battle royale to mini royale. I feel that if we can more fully get the rendering issues addressed we will be doing great! Thanks!
  5. xXEasterBunnyXx

    Twitch/Mixer Streaming List

    I'm game. https://mixer.com/xXEasterBunnyXx I suck the potatoes at times, but my games aren't always starchy.
  6. xXEasterBunnyXx

    Are people using mouse and keyboard on xbox??

    Nah, stuff like that just cracks me up because it can be hard to describe a complicated setup in your own words, so when I'm having that trouble I just say screw it and copy and paste too lol.
  7. xXEasterBunnyXx

    Are people using mouse and keyboard on xbox??

    How do you have the How do you have the self-control to not spend that BP...
  8. xXEasterBunnyXx

    Are people using mouse and keyboard on xbox??

    You literally copied and pasted this from Wikipedia.... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Application_programming_interface
  9. xXEasterBunnyXx

    Any funny/lucky kills?

    So long as there was a way to identify the trap before it got you, as in if you were paying attention to detail you'd have a chance at survival, I'd be okay with that.
  10. xXEasterBunnyXx

    Any funny/lucky kills?

    I set that trap a couple games before. I just ported over the Saboteur perk from Far Cry 5.
  11. xXEasterBunnyXx

    Are people using mouse and keyboard on xbox??

    I feel like around %125 makes the recoil on the burst fire of the M16 a lot easier to manage.
  12. xXEasterBunnyXx

    Are people using mouse and keyboard on xbox??

    Burst fire is the way to go, with or without the Ext. Mag
  13. xXEasterBunnyXx

    Are people using mouse and keyboard on xbox??

    Just toy around with it. I put it way high one day to see what it was like and it was either all ground or all sky.
  14. xXEasterBunnyXx

    Are people using mouse and keyboard on xbox??

    I gotta say the vector is my drug.