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  1. match id is 117C74 - eu I made a mistake in the forum. It happens on my PC not XBOX. FPP- Solo I use wired internet connection.
  2. For sometime since there was an update and since the game is stuttering, i noticed that the game icon in the task bar of windows, is missing. Today i tried to play and after starting the game , the icon of the game on the task bar was ok !!! And surprisingly... the game didn't stutter. But it lasted only one game and the game crashed. And after i started the game again, the icon was missing and the game was stuttering. So maybe there is a connection between the two - missing icon on task bar and stuttering game. I added a print screen to show the missing icon.
  3. All that happened since the last update. Digusting :-). An update should make a game better not worse. And funny situation i posted by mistake on Xbox forum - I landed on Camp Charlie and everything was lit with strong light and a dead avatar was lying on upper floor and his shadow was on the lower floor. funny.
  4. It was on my PC not XBOX.
  5. Landed in Camp Charlie and the place was lit with strong light and a dead avatar's shadow lying in upper floor was on the lower floor.
  6. Since the last update the game is unplayable. I wasn't playing lately so didn't notice the effect of the last update. Pubg is a great game and the only game i like to play but the bugs are terrible.
  7. Glad he left Apex and returned to PUBG. Help him. 🙏 He is the reason PUBG is on top of twitch live streamed games.
  8. No. I say that i was able to reduce the loud noise of a gun shooting avoiding further hearing damage( i noticed already some decrease in my hearing and i should check it soon). Making footsteps louder doesn't make the game easier. On the contrary - it is confusing cause i cannot judge if the footsteps are close to me or far from me. So relax - No one having a shortcut or cheating this way. The real cheaters are elsewhere. You can try it for yourself and see - go to Windows sound settings and check Loudness Equalization. Its built in Windows. No need for external software :-). What is wrong with people like you, that you cannot listen and understand and assume that not everyone are liars, cheaters and so forth and they just state a real problem they cope with? Have a good day.
  9. Update: Just by using Loudness Equalization there is already great improvement.
  10. I understand your point. But i believe that many youngsters increase the volume and damaging their hearing. I myself was tempted to do so for quite sometime until i decided to stop that and settle with lower volume. I think there is a place for better balance that takes into account health as first priority. Anyway i'll settle with the offered solutions like Voicemeeter Banana.
  11. I want to thank @Boodgemeister for mentioning Loudness Equalization which led me to learn about Voicemeeter Banana. I added a Youtube clip that explains about Voicemeeter Banana and at the same channel there is a comparison between Voicemeeter Banana and Windows Loudness Equalization. Voicemeeter Banana is better. At the begining of the clip the creator of clip explains about the damage that can caused to players that try to get a better knowledge about rivals footsteps and hence increase volume while damaging their hearing. So its an issue that bothers more players and maybe its a good idea for PUBG creators to answer that. Staying healthy is first priority.
  12. Even if the creators wants to make the game as real as it gets, still in reality, soldiers are given aids to reduce the noise created by shooting with a gun. And anyone playing the game that wants to get an edge on his rivals, will make sure the volume is high enough to know his or her whereabouts and thus exposing himself to high hearing damaging noise. So its about time the creators should consider the health of the game players whom most of them are young people. If someone wants to play as real as it gets..he or she should join the army. This is just a game and we should not end up in several years ahead with hearing loss. Think about it. Please.
  13. This are TPP pictures of the last time i was stuck in a wall.
  14. I had just ended up again inside a wall without ability to release myself but the game also crashed and trying to connect again i got "servers are too busy at the momemt, try later" This bug has started since the last big update of Vikendi. If i'll have a recording i'll upload it here. for the meantime i found someone on this forum with the same problem.
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