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  1. It has to be longer than 5 minutes.
  2. Whats your specs? What in-game settings do you have? Are you using one or two monitors? If you dont have a top tier gaming rig with 16/32GB 3000Mhz DDR4, 1800x/7700k(+) and the latest GPU try this, lower your settings to AA/PP/Textures/ViewDist@Medium while keeping everything else on very low. Set FoV to 95 and Screen Scale to 105, disable smoothing and vSync and set max FPS to 70. If you are using 2 monitors disconnect the second one completely (The HDMI/PP/DVI-cable) and be sure that you are using "show primary screen only" (Check this by pressing win-key + P and be sure that the top alternative is chosen). If you could get a printscreen of your task managers extended list of processes that would be great.
  3. Im sorry the upload got delayed but something came up during the reinstall. The problem Im having is a bit tricky to explain but I hope my explaination combined with the video is enough. If there is any question-marks about what I mean just send me a PM or reply in this thread. (And yes, my GPU is going stronk @94DegreesCelsius - AMD R290 w/ Reference cooler. Reapplied thermal paste a couple of month back using Noctua-NH1 and the temperatures stayed the same even with fans @100%. The only improvement was core clock stability, which used to fluxuate between 500 and 947Mhz) ADS_Hold_BoltAcRFL_Issue-2018-09-06.mp4
  4. Due to some unforeseen issue with the new update I cant seem to get passed the "Key Guide"-menu no matter settings or reboot. I uninstalled the game and got about 30 minutes before the reinstall is done, where I hope for better results.
  5. Okay! I will do my best to get OBS to do as I want, I'll report back with a video of it. //My2nd
  6. Im having a major issue while using hold and ADS together with (most notably) bolt-action rifle like the M24/Kar98. If you hold ADS -> Shoot -> Release -> Bolt-action maneuver/Reload and press hold to ADS BEFORE the maneuver is fully completed there is a lag which cancels the ADS command. Therefore making the players timing between completed Bolt-action maneuver/Reload and "Hold to ADS" way TOO important to be a reasonable "feature". My recommended solution is to que the AIM or ADS-commands rather than ignore them. //My2nd
  7. Hi! I crashed driving a bike, my friends told me I sat on it while did a reboot , but proceeded to get on with it and drove away. When I reconnected the MC was gone and nowhere to be found (was on the dune between the crater-fields). //
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