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  1. Radar for sure didn't believe in that sht until i met these 2 guys who i played random squads they even admitted to having it and did definitely show me how effective it was for 3 games.
  2. Thanos got rid of half of the pubg population too remember.
  3. Im sure there are others even that wackyjack video is saying audio got louder with vikendi . Have seen post about this too before too. Molotovs where too loud too that you would think the fire near you. I can tell which side im getting shot at now with the latest patch . Do you want footsteps too be louder ??? Do you want that audio in that video ? I dont play vikend so idk about the missing footsteps bug.
  4. Foot steps were more quite and made less noise pre vikendi launch . When we got vikendi everything got louder you could hear people foot steps in compounds before getting there you couldn't tell which side you were getting shot at and you couldn't tell which way the plane was flying. Now this patch seems to have fixed the audio how it should be feels right although the plane audio might still need some work to it . Love sneaking up on people you make less noise standing then crouch walking.
  5. No never haha when it was in your inventory were you able do do anything with it?
  6. https://gamerdvr.com/gamer/l-amibitionz-l/video/69628827 started this random squad and my whole team didn’t even land with me they were playing in their own party and died early so I had to play the game just as a solo basically and still won got a couple of these where my team just dies right away but I still win .
  7. https://xboxdvr.com/gamer/l-amibitionz-l/video/70790414 one of my dirtiest snipes
  8. Yep have been using this technique since wackyjack uploaded this video i have ended games with more kills.
  9. Felt the same since the patch came out the frame rates did feel more slower sluggish . I have gotten used to the new frame rates just had to adjust my settings .
  10. Feels the same honestly but that new weapon the bizon shoots peas at my enemy’s at a distance .
  11. Quick someone bring the defibrillator to revive the dead guy with 7+ bullet holes on their dead body smh .
  12. For For sure i also love this game and would like to see it improve by seeing more useful game mechanics like this .
  13. Oh you mean something like this worthless system that we have like the emotes that could have been used to make a choose your med/booster/first aid cycle system instead of emotes .
  14. From the survivor pass as a reward
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