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  1. A$ap_LeVics

    What would bring people back?

    Audio has been broken since vikendi was release they knew about it being messed up when they released it on pc and still gave us the F***ed up audio... They get the bugs reported on pc for a extra month or 2 and still give us the pc patch with all the bugs that have been reported on for months. Why couldnt they fix the audio before releasing it because its Bluehole they don't give a sht about the community just look at the communication we get from them. I give up on this game man i have been waiting for these two upcoming months for games i have yet to start on red dead 2 . With Anthem , The division 2 , Mk 11 , DMC 5 , Jump force. Its the end of pubg for me im done supporting this game.
  2. A$ap_LeVics

    Gun skins

    They have lots more skins they said they would release them on xbox too but no release date.
  3. A$ap_LeVics

    Triumph crates or bust...

    They will probably end up giving us 20k battlepoints and the 2 raider crates. They’ll end up releasing something retarded on the store maybe new emotes maybe 10k battle points each just so you spend those free battle points 🤦🏽‍♂️
  4. spent 750 bp just to get 1 millitary hat.
  5. Can we save our current survival crates and open them on the new Vikendi pass to earn coupons instead of battle points? Or will we lose all of our saved crates when the new update comes in with the pass ?
  6. Make it so you just hold A to switch to driver seat so its faster.