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  1. CJNL94

    I'm out of ammo....

    Don't think I have ever done it before this. I got the idea from a duo that killed me the same way haha
  2. Here take this! https://xboxdvr.com/gamer/cjnl94/video/65280642
  3. CJNL94

    Shooting people in water

    Best thing to do when they are in the water is aim for the head. My buddy took one shot with the VSS...Poor dude https://xboxdvr.com/gamer/cjnl94/video/65280460
  4. CJNL94


    Performance mode😂
  5. If you could ask the devs one question where they have to give a no bs, truthful, and honest answer what would it be? Mine would be: Why was the game ported from PC and not built from the ground up to be fully optimized for the xbox?
  6. This guy just put out a couple more videos with leaks
  7. There will be some sort of announcement tonight at The Game Awards
  8. Someone on another topic mentioned that during TGA last year Miramar was announced to be playable that night on PC. Whether thats true or not that at least points to Vikendi coming to PC. Things have been quiet on the Xbox side while they are prepping for PS. Something will be announced today and the best news would be it launching on all platforms at the same time but I doubt it
  9. CJNL94

    how many BP do you have?

    I think I'm sitting at roughly 55k right now, been buying western military crates to get the cowboy hat to no success
  10. CJNL94

    Vikendi - Hopefully tomorrow?

    From what I can remember it seemed fine or at least better than anticipated
  11. CJNL94

    No PTS Announcement today...

    I really hope we do but at the same time I don't think so. I was just mentioning something in another topic that if they do manage to launch the new map I would be very impressed, but since the PS4 announcement the time lag between what PC has and when Xbox gets it has gotten longer.
  12. CJNL94

    Vikendi - Hopefully tomorrow?

    Very true, Sanhok worked surprisingly smooth when it released. I think it'll run well fresh out of the gate. The time lag between when PC gets something to when xbox gets something was getting shorter but since the announcement for PS4 that time lag has gotten longer, we still don't have the scorpion. If they somehow manage to release it on all platforms at the same time I would be very impressed
  13. CJNL94

    Vikendi - Hopefully tomorrow?

    I hope the new map comes out tomorrow too but since it's not even out for PC yet I highly doubt we will. It seems like we get what PC has a couple weeks later yet it we are further than that. I think I'm being optimistic with saying it'll come to xbox by end of January
  14. CJNL94


    ahh the Back House Heat drop is usually really good
  15. https://xboxdvr.com/gamer/cjnl94/video/64774658 I could be wrong but I thought I was behind the tree here....