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  1. CJNL94

    Lean left issue

    What are your leaning settings? Before one of the recent updates leaning/peaking would always reset to the right side. But since then you can adjust your settings to make it so the last side you peaked will stay instead of defaulting back to the right
  2. CJNL94

    I May Be The Best Ever

    3 Winner winner chicken dinners and tops it off with a 69.....hehe....legend
  3. CJNL94

    Video's of why we hate pubg

    looks like you accidentally pulled out the scorpion somehow? Maybe when trying to use the D-pad to quick select a boost???
  4. Played some 2-Man Squads waiting for our 3rd to join up...Teammate got thirsted...Deer Horse Man was not happy https://gamerdvr.com/gamer/cjnl94/video/72827241
  5. CJNL94

    Damn work. 8 hrs till update 6.

    That makes two of us lol
  6. CJNL94

    Patch 6

    Check to see if your memory is full
  7. You can't be serious dude.....
  8. CJNL94

    Vehicle Physics Clips

    Ask and you shall receive lol
  9. CJNL94

    Vehicle Physics Clips

    the door handle was rigged to explode lol
  10. CJNL94

    Vehicle Physics Clips

    https://gamerdvr.com/gamer/cjnl94/video/65763336 I'm starting to sense a theme here......
  11. CJNL94

    Vehicle Physics Clips

    Where we're going we don't need roads...or buildings....nice AK BTW
  12. CJNL94

    Vehicle Physics Clips

    With the a double kickflip and stuck the landing even! I would have loved to hear what was going on in that party lol Falcon punched that UAZ into the future https://gamerdvr.com/gamer/cjnl94/video/66953541 - I'll just send it over this jump...Wooo!!! Stuck the lan.......seriously.....
  13. In light of the forums being slow and mainly a bunch of complaints, lets see those hilarious (or awesome, or hilariously awesome) vehicle physics clips. https://gamerdvr.com/gamer/cjnl94/video/72429121 Ahh those buggys can be a bit sensitive https://gamerdvr.com/gamer/cjnl94/video/72429189 Internet was being wonky that day and the bike was not happy about it
  14. CJNL94

    What's Your Biggest Pet Peeve

    *Running through a wooded area* *Teammate gets shot at* Teammate: HE'S OVER THERE!!!! Me" Over where?! Teammate: BY THE TREE!! *Staring at numerous trees in wooded area* Me".....Oh that tree huh?"
  15. CJNL94

    Its a shame....

    And let the April Fools jokes commence.....