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  1. The new ranking system only rewards kids that play a ton. Can we get some kind of competitive rating system? I know a lot people feel they lost a reason to play without a good leaderboard!
  2. kirschnerck1

    Think you have a better slr kill?

  3. kirschnerck1

    Submit your BEST clip

    https://xboxclips.com/Sir Brewski/052485f0-52c9-43cc-8b17-24afd221c964 https://xboxclips.com/Sir Brewski/050683b5-db6e-4f1f-a4d9-3f92a235f446
  4. kirschnerck1

    My next Tourney, need some info.

    you could even have a test run tournament before the actual you to see how things run... I would play.
  5. kirschnerck1

    My next Tourney, need some info.

    I would like to see a fpp duo tournament. I would be will to pitch in an entry fee as well.
  6. kirschnerck1

    Halo Master Chief Lvl 3 Helmet for Xbox

    Actually talked about this same idea last night!